Feels like Heaven: A Run Oregon review of Nuu Muu dresses and GIVEAWAY!

Run Oregon bloggers Marilyn and Teresa received some fantastic dresses from Nuu-Muu. Read here for more info on them. Company:

Nuu-Muu sprang to life in 2007 to address a grievous lack of fantastic women's fitness wear. Dedicated to the ideals that work-out wear could be fun and truly flattering and that a company could contribute to greater good in the world, founding partners Christine Nienstedt and Ashley Fullenwider went to town. At some point, the universe delivered the other kindred spirits who make up our amazing team and, well, the rest is history!

Marilyn modelling her nuumuu in Sapphire

The Nuu-Muu “feels like heaven”. That’s exactly how their company describes it, and I agree completely. It’s buttery smooth to the touch–seriously, if my entire wardrobe was made of this  it feels so amazing that it makes me wonder why more apparel isn’t made of this magical, adorable, wicking, wrinkle-free fabric!

The short answer is probably because its kind of spendy – one nuumuu classic dress will set you back $75. However, the quality is exceptional. Of all of the fitness apparel I’ve tried, it’s one of the highest quality. And, the fact that you can wear it both as “everyday casual wear” AND as “the cutest running outfit in the entire world” make the price somewhat justifiable (c’mon lady runners–y’all know what I’m talking about… you tell yourself it’s ridiculously expensive, and then you just try it on, and you’re hooked for life). It’s also supposedly to be tear and stain resistant.

nuumuu, perfect for work or the trails!

While it looked cute on the photos of the models, I was a little worried that a single patterned running dress would make me look like a lumpy patterned running blob. However, the fabulous A-line cut with the flirty slits on each side, and material of the dress was really flattering while also being incredibly comfortable. I think a lot of it has to do with the fabric being on the more substantial side–no see-through surprises here, and it drapes nicely, which helps conceal the lumps and bumps. The fit is really one of the best I’ve tried for fitness apparel–I loved the mid-thigh length and fitted silhouette. I got tons of compliments! And no need to worry about your sports bra peaking out. The little keyhole neckline detail is really cute as well. And, the pattern and fabric don’t show those awkward sweat marks when you’re getting your workout on (let’s face it, I can be pretty sweaty, and it can look really awkward in photos). The farthest I’ve run in mine was a 10k race, and I didn’t have any chafing or rubbing, and it didn’t ride up. I do wish it came in a racerback option though.

Don’t like body-hugging workout clothes? This is still incredibly cute if you size up just a smidge for a more semi-fitted look, as opposed to fitted. I saw a fellow Half Fanatic wearing one at Heartbreaker Half and she looked adorable in hers, and she had gone up a size for a slightly more relaxed fit, but the A-line shape of the dress still fit in all the right places!

I can totally see myself wearing this to a summer beer festival and feeling fashionable yet super comfortable, thanks to the smooth, wicking fabric. It’s also perfect for yoga, hiking, or anywhere else you want to wear it–you can pair it with shorts or capris or leggings, depending on how much leg you want to show. I’m pretty much hooked on my Nuu-Muu, and am now eyeing the Nuu-Tee long-sleeve shirt, the Huugs arm sleeves!


I like to run in fun stuff, probably because I’m all sorts of disgusting when I sweat.  I was super excited to give the Nuu-Muu a test run.  The prints are fun and add a little pizzazz to an activity that I can, at times find somewhat monotonous. Started in 2007 and based in the Pacific Northwest, Nuu-Muu began out of a desire for fashionable workout attire, and a lack of available options. Just because we’re running with the boys doesn’t mean we can’t still have a little feminine flair.

My Nuu-Muu arrived in the middle of winter, literally in January. Even with the chilly temperature, I couldn’t wait to test it out. Easing into it, I started off wearing it to a cycle class. This is an actual dress, so shorts are a must for me and in class was no exception. I used short, padded cycle shorts underneath and no one else knew. No one can pull off cycle shorts, there’s even an episode of Modern Family pointing this out. The length, the skin-tight material, and, mostly, the not-so-flattering padding in the saddle area make cycle shorts pretty hideous. With the ugly shorts hiding under the cute dress, I actually felt pretty sporty in it.

We’ve been lucky with some sunny days this winter in the Pacific Northwest. Even though it still was cold, I couldn’t help but give my Nuu-Muu a run outside. You could definitely run with leggings on under it and it would be super cute.  Personally, I don’t like to have leggings on unless it’s frigid, so I went with a pair of tight running shorts, just in case there was a breeze or I took a spill. With my sweatshirt on, it just looked like a cute running skirt. The dress fits tight enough that you could wear a t-shirt on top and is long enough to cover everything you want covered, but not so long to get in the way. You can actually be active in this dress. Better yet, you can be active in this dress and look cute and sporty.

The length and cut are super flattering, and the prints are fun, but I was pleasantly surprised with how fast this dries. I ran it through the wash in the morning, hung it up to dry and could have worn it for a workout in the afternoon. It didn’t require special instructions, didn’t hold onto smells and is super practical for a busy mom. It’s cute enough you could wear it with leggings in the winter and go without in the summer, easily going from the gym to running errands.


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