Fuel Friday: Health Warrior Chia Bars


Company: “Our mission is to make radically convenient real food and positively influence the diet and exercise habits of western civilization.”

Health Warrior has a focus on fixing the packaged food problem – the food becoming cheaper by becoming emptier and limiting the nutrients we as humans need. The hang their hat that “in every product we make, you’ll find real food as the main ingredient – the very first one you read on the label”.

I’m not a huge fan of protein and energy bars.  Too often, they are candy bars in disguise and really just more processed food we’re all trying to clean out of our diets. There are times, however, where bars are an absolute necessity for me and my favorite one to grab right now is the Health Warrior Chia Bar. With 100 calories, I don’t feel guilty eating it in between meals and it gives me 1100mg of Omega-3, 4g of fiber and 3g of protein.

Convenient and a perfect size for me, these are snack size and not intended to replace meals. I often find I can only eat a portion of bars, which means I end up wasting a lot. Health Warrior Chia Bars are a perfect snack size, not too big, but giving me enough to hold me over until I get actual food. Keeping  a few in the car and in my gym bag means I’m less likely to make poor food choices because I’ve allowed myself to get to that famished state.

Their flavor is exceptional as well. My eleven year old son is convinced the peanut butter and chocolate Chia Bar is a treat. The texture is soft and chewy and I love the white chia seeds, they fill me up just enough. I can have one right before a workout, which is a pretty rare find for me. No soy, dairy or gluten and the Health Warrior bars are vegan. With flavors like mango, banana nut, coconut, apple cinnamon, dark chocolate cherry, coffee, chocolate peanut butter and acai berry, there’s an option for everyone. With that variety, you don’t get tired of them.

Perfect size and a little boost of energy that keeps my stomach from growling in between meals, the Health Warrior Chia Bars are perfect for this busy mom.  Convenient to toss in your gym bag, glove compartment or school locker, these are bars for the whole family. They taste like a treat, but without the guilt.

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