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1) Sadly, distance running is not free from cheating. Two time Boston and Chicago marathons winner Rita Jeptoo lost her appeal of her positive blood doping test result. She’s been banned for two years.

2) For more on Jeptoo, Shalene Flanigan’s reaction to Jeptoo’s positive drug test, and a way to experience what blood doping feels like without actually cheating, check out this earlier Running Roundup.

3) I thought this was quite a charming column, titled “The joy of sloooow running.” It’s got a terrific lead: “In my first 5K race, I came in 39th out of 36 runners.” Ha ha ha ha!

4) It’s an incredibly rare occurrence, but still a shocking and surprising tragedy when it does: “Police officer dies during 5K race.” According to the story, the officer was an avid runner, which makes it all the more surprising.

5) Courtesy of Blood Sweat & Chrome, here’s a Q&A with Meb Keflezighi aka “Meb-alicious.” (I learned that nickname from the article.)

6) Obligatory “too much running is bad for you” alert: As Runner’s World blogger Alex Hutchison puts it:

My goodness, is it February already? It’s been several months since the last round of articles warning that running too much will kill you–must be time for another one. What’s that? No new data to publish? That’s no problem, we’ll just republish the same data. The media never bothers to check these things, and always reports it as if it were brand new.

(Here’s the link to the New York Times‘ blog post reporting this “new” study.) Hutchison points out how the new study makes conclusions based on strikingly small sample sizes. Read both links and decide for yourself.

7) Recreational distance running isn’t a particularly diverse sport, but there are signs that’s changing.

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