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* The problem: You are stuck at the airport (like, say, Chicago O’Hare) with some hours-long delay. ARGH. If only you could running. Laps inside the airport terminal are a possibility, but (1) it’s not clear that TSA wouldn’t frown upon that; and (2) you have to lug your stuff. If only more airports had their own gyms (ironically, O’Hare is one of them). Airport Gyms tries to remedy that problem by listing gyms nearby most major U.S. airports. The downside is that these all seem to be off-site, so you need to shell out for a taxi ride and pay a day use fee (typically around $10) – which means you have to go through TSA screening again when it’s time to return to the airport. Oh well, at least you got in a workout….

* As I’ve linked (repeatedly) before, and as suggested (again) in a recent study, running doesn’t actually seem to trash knees, despite popular misconceptions. Hopefully that means this news is of less relevance to us, but all the same, the New York Times health blog advises, “Think twice before choosing knee replacement.”

* Let’s talk GPS watches. There are so many brands, with different price points. What’s the right watch for you? Well, here’s one way to think about it: “If running watches were sports cars.” It’s a little dated, but pretty funny still.

* I like running, and I like running frequently. But there may be benefits to running less, as long as you are getting in quality runs.

Runner at Thanksgiving Dinner

(from Runner’s World)

* Questions no one wants the answers to: how many miles should you run to offset Thanksgiving? Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I signed up for the 10K instead of the 5K at the Uberthons Turkeython.

* Beware of reaching an age that ends in a 9? Apparently, people are disproportionately likely to commit suicide or have an extramarital affair when they’re 29, 39, 49, etc. On the positive side, they’re also more likely to run a marathon, and if they already are a running, more likely to set a PR.

* This is an old column but I just came across it recently, and it’s pretty useful, unfortunately, with good advice on recognizing the problems and managing them: “the big 7 body breakdowns.” I’ve dealt with #2 (Achilles tendinitis) and #4 (plantar fasciitis) but most happily, not #7 (stress fracture).

* From Runner’s World: “14 thoughts every runner has during a cold run.” Yeah, I guess so. Although most of the time, if it’s cold out, I just run on the treadmill.

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