One More Chance to Run the PRC Winter 5k

January 25th PRC Winter 5k

Two runs into it and I can’t get enough of the Portland Running Company Winter 5k Race Series.  I hesitated a little since 5k isn’t my usual distance. I need a longer run; I’m slow to warm up and question whether or not I have any fast twitch muscle fibers at all. I told my boot camp group that if any of them registered for the series, I’d jump in too. Two ladies took me up on it so I had to stay true to my word and I’m so excited I did.

I ran the first one in December with no idea how fast I should be able to finish it, so I used it as my base run. The course starts just up the street from Portland Running Company in Beaverton.  Taking Nimbus to the Fanno Creek Trail, the first portion includes some gradual downhill. At the bottom of the hill, around mile 1, there is a water station, a perfect spot to grab on your way out and on your way back.

There’s no way to take a wrong turn with this event. Volunteers, the Beaverton Police Department and huge red flags mark the course, making it impossible to veer off. The course itself starts in an industrial section of Beaverton, turning off on the Fanno Creek Trail for just over a mile and then making your way back.

In a nutshell, this is why I love the PRC Winter 5k Race Series:

Susan Cooke at the finish line

~ It’s fun to try a new distance and great to be done so much earlier. With the shorter distance, I can push myself a little harder and get done with it sooner.

~ It’s great to have a warm spot before and after the race and an added bonus to have coffee and pancakes waiting for you when you’re done. Even more exciting than the pancakes for me, was the raffle. I didn’t win, but there’s still one more chance.

~It’s a great way to challenge yourself to run faster. I was concerned I’d be bored running the same course, but I’ve discovered it’s a great way to improve.  After attending their “Faster Than You” Seminar, I was reminded to run the tangents, which I took with me to the second run. My second run was faster, probably not because I ran the tangents better, but I had a better idea of what to expect. The second run was even better, and I loved the first one. With my base time from the first run, I had a time to try to beat and being familiar with the course allowed me to squeak in a little faster than the first run.

Waiting for the raffle

The final 5k will run on February 22nd and it’s not too late to register.  The run starts at 8AM and the doors open at 7AM. Registration is fast and picking up your bib race morning is convenient. I was able to sleep in, show up just before race time to pick up my goodies and still had time to spare. Even if you missed the previous runs, consider coming out for this one, since it has a special twist. No watches or timing devices will be allowed on the final race in the winter series and runners must predict their finish time. The overall winner will receive a homemade scarf, knitted by Paula Harkin. The winners in the last two races went home with scarves because they were fast.  I didn’t stand a chance with those, this one I could win. If I don’t win the handmade scarf, maybe I’ll win a raffle prize and at the very least I’ll get some pancakes.

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