Get to know Run Oregon: Marilyn Tycer

Name: Marilyn Tycer
(aka “Nut-tastic,” aka “Pretty Pretty Princess,” aka “MareBear,” aka “MT,” aka “Panda”) 

Marilyn Tycer at the 2014 Girlfriends Half Marathon. Photo by Kristi Cornwell

Favorite running shoes: New Balance 870v2’s in pink

Favorite running conditions: Low 50’s, low humidity, partially overcast.

Favorite running items: My Garmin 620, Ragnar visor, a tutu and coordinating hair bow, MAC Lipglass or EPICBLEND lip balm, pink argyle RockTape and arm sleeves.

Go to pre-race meals: For dinner, I like salmon burger or tilapia and quinoa, veggies and a beer, because it’s quick and easy, and I always have them on hand. For breakfast, either oatmeal or an English muffin with peanut butter and honey or jam.

Favorite post-race food/beverages: Craft beer or a good spicy bloody Mary with lots of garnishes (stuffed olives, pickled spicy veggies). And warm food (vegetarian), preferably pasta.

Favorite race distances: Half marathons, and back to back half marathons.

At my very first race, the 2009 Helvetia Half Marathon.

First race: Helvetia Half Marathon in 2009. I was totally unprepared–I signed up two weeks before the event, and my longest run had only been about six miles. It took me nearly four hours, and they had run out of Jamba Juice by the time I crossed the finish line. I vowed that day that I would become a faster runner.

Group running or solo running? Music or no music? Depends on my mood and what kind of training run I’m doing. I definitely prefer to run with a partner for my long runs!

Favorite running music: I love remixes like the 99 Problems/Linkin Park “Collision Course” album, and punk and acoustic covers.

Speed work? 400m repeats on the track are my favorite.

Cross training? My ideal cross training program would include yoga, weight lifting, cardio (recumbent bike, arc trainer, stairmaster), and swimming.

Treadmill? Treadmill time is my favorite time to catch up on my favorite TV shows on Hulu+! I love watching Grimm, Parks and Rec, and a little bit of reality TV.

Training plan? In January, I’ll start training for the Vancouver USA Marathon with a custom training plan created by Coach Ron Homer. He helped me train for both VUM and Portland Marathon in 2014, and look forward to having him help me train in 2015.

Favorite non-running outdoor activity: Summer beer festivals. Drinking good craft beer in the sun is pretty much my idea of heaven, and I have a pretty serious hobby of trying as many unique craft beers as possible.

Funny, embarrassing, most memorable running experience: That time I didn’t know anyone at the group run. It’s a story that really says a lot about the running community (it’s amazing and accepting), and also a lot about me (I’m awkward).

What you do when you aren’t running or blogging: I work full time for a construction company, and most of my free time is spent running or blogging–in addition to writing for Run Oregon, I also write my own blog Lipgloss+Spandex, and also write for We Heart This. I also arts and crafts–photography, scrapbooking, painting, and sewing.

I’ve gone through about half a dozen pairs of these New Balance 870v2’s. Photo taken at the 2014 Bend Beer Chase.

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