Race Preview: 2015 Polar Plunge in Bend

Every year, the Polar Plunge takes place in several cities in Oregon as a way to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics and Bend is one of those cities. The Plunge has also been a great way for law enforcement to get involved with this worthy cause while also having a little fun, through what is known as The Torch Run.

Even the cops are crazy!!

What probably makes the Plunge so unique, however, are the teams and the costumes. Without fail there are always some fairly audacious outfits that show up on Plunge day and half of the entertainment is simply standing back and enjoying how goofy some people can get. Schools, families, workplaces and social groups all send teams each year who make this quite the event to be apart of, especially as a spectator.

This is totally normal.

Simply put, the Plunge is a mad dash into the foolishly cold water of the Deschutes River, by wildly festooned participants, all for the joy of promoting Special Olympics and having a ton of fun in the process. Whether you’re out to have some fun on your own or you want to jump into some craziness with friends, the Polar Plunge is a must.

High school teams getting in on the fun.

When: Saturday, February 14th starting at 10:30am.

Where: Riverbend Park on Columbia St in Bend.

Cost/Register: No fee but you must raise $50 in donations. Check out the website.

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