Kickstarter of the Week: TriflareRUN

Triflare Fun

Product: Triflare
Location:  St. Louis, MO
Kickstarter End Date:  Dec. 17, 2014
Current Pledge: $3,963 of $25,000

There are lots of companies that specialize in running gear, but far fewer that focus on triathletes.  Triflare is an emerging company  trying to establish a line of fashion forward, high performance athletic attire for women.  Triflare’s founder, Andrea Robertson, is a former fashion model and a serious triathlete, having completed more than 100 triathlons.  Robertson is determined to bring high performance athletic wear that is bold, colorful and comfortable to every level of triathlete.  Triflare is planning on expanding into all aspects of triathlons: swim, bike, and run. I love that all the pieces are designed with two thoughts: femininity and power.

The name Triflare itself stands for triathlon wear with flair and not just in the sense of fashion, but flare as in the light of a torch and the fire that is within us to compete.  FLARE was originally conceived as an acronym: Fit Ladies Are Running Everywhere and now Triflare is shifting it’s focus to running. Working with a team of designers, the TriflareRUN collection is designed to be wearable, versatile, comfortable and fashionable.  The TriflareRUN collection will be the largest of the Triflare collection, and includes skirts, dresses, knickers, shorts, tanks and accessories, including arm warmers. The fabrics are high quality,  moisture wicking, vibrant, and fade resistant.

I tried out a TriflareRUN ACTION SKIRT with some runs and in a group exercise class.  The pattern is very bright and fun and I received numerous compliments on it. I spend a lot of time in running skirts and this is a quality skirt, made to last serious training sessions.   The prints are bold, and at first I thought it might be a little too bold for my style, but then I put it on and loved it!  Like many running skirts, it has under shorts built in, and one of the features I loved was the little invisible pocket built in for keys.  The fabric is high quality wicking fabric and the material seems like it will last through a lot of runs.  In addition to be fashionable, it was also very comfortable and didn’t ride up, like many other skirts out there.

 I am excited to discover this new company and can’t wait to see what more they can bring to both runners and triathletes.  We’ll be seeing Triflare at the 2016 summer Olympics, too.  They are providing suits and apparel for the U.S.  Synchronized Swim Team in Rio de Janeiro.  I am always excited to  find new and fun running gear, and as a triathlete, finding tri gear that doesn’t just look like refitted men’s gear is even better.  I love the feminine, yet powerful, look of these clothes and I want to see what this company can do.

You can become a backer and receive one running skirt for $68.

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