Kickstarter of the Week: The Bionic Runner

Product: The Bionic Runner
Location: Sydney, Australia
Kickstarter End Date: Dec. 30, 2014
Current Pledge: $160,000 of $40,000 (Will be funded)

I’m dealing with some knee pain right about now. After 1100 miles this year (not a lot for some, but a great deal for me), I think the pavement pounding has worn me down a bit and I am taking most of December at a liesurely pace. But it is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I wish there were a way, besides an indoor eliptical, that I could get a solid run workout in outdoors. If only The Bionic Runner was ready to go!

The Bionic Runner is up on Kickstarter and has blown past its goal of $40,000 (AUD) and shows no signs of slowing down (it doubled it’s initial goal in the first 12 hours). Their product is:

the world’s only high intensity, running specific trainer. It gives you the tough training sessions you crave, whilst protecting your body from the two main causes of injury – impact fatigue and over extension.

What looks like a stand up bike is actually designed to be a lot more, and with the runner in mind. It’s not just an eliptical on wheels.

The unique technology behind the Bionic Runner creates a completely natural running motion and intensity, while removing all negative impact (the cause of injury). This separates it from any cross trainer on the market.

The product has been in design for 4 years, with adjustments and shifting to make things as true to running form as there can be. I recommend checking out their website AND getting your hands on their press kit for a ton of fantastic information on the science behind the product. It has been tested by a variety of runners already, to positive results, and was featured in Women’s Running Australia.

Right now, you can one of the first to receive the Bionic Runner (by about April 2015), for about $800 US. That may be a steep price, but could be a worthwhile investment to keep active in a variety of ways, considering that retail price is expected near $1400. Or perhaps go in on it with a friend or two, or convince your local gym to invest. Even if none of these are tangible, consider investing for as little as $5 and be in the know on things for when it hits the mainstream market.


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