Thankful for Running!

Running is so very special to me in my life. I know that running is no more than putting one foot in front of the other, but if you allow it to be – it can be so much more for that. I have been running consistently for about 6 years and it has allowed me to see potential, reach new heights, and be a better person. I know, I know, that sounds so fluffy, but it is very true.

Photo – Nike Running

I usually never want to run before I go, like most people. I hem and haw and talk about how my sports bra isn’t dry “enough” yet, and I struggle with doubt. Doubt is usually why I don’t want to go, I am nervous that I won’t do as well as I think I will. Which has happened and will happen again. But, once I am out there and I have stayed out there for long enough I get that feeling of bliss. I feel connected to the ground, the earth, the people I pass on the streets. I feel strong, capable, and invincible at times, too.

Running is one constant in my life that has seen me through deaths of loved ones, huge life transitions, ho-hum boring days, and moments where the emotions seem to overflow and I need a release.

My husband always jokes when I am being feisty by saying, “do you need to go for a run??” He is usually right, I need one. After I get my run in I feel like I can move forward with my day, more clearheaded and just plain nicer.

I, like so many other people, have always struggled with body image and weight issues and running is the one thing that can just set my mind at ease. It is gratifying to set the mark, “I will run this far/this long/this fast”, and then to bust through it, pretty powerful stuff. I always come back to a centered place of, “Yes, my body is what it is and my ability is what it also is. But I still did it anyways and I am proud of me!” Pride is important, people. It is important to be your biggest cheerleader, this is a lesson I have learned.

This is a random amalgamation of thoughts on running and there are so many more than this when I get out there and am just letting the thoughts float around. But, I am thankful for running and I love it and it makes me better. What more could I ask for?

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