Race Preview: SCRC Turkey Trot Coos Bay

There are a lot of reasons I run.  Chief among them this time of year, however, has got to be pumpkin pie.  Or stuffing.  Or maybe leftover turkey sandwiches with cranberries.

Enter the Coos Bay Turkey Trot.

A “choose your own distance” race on Thanksgiving Day, the Coos Bay Turkey Trot by South Coast Running Club provides the perfect excuse to get out of the house and get your blood flowing without any crazy commitments to something that might wear you out too much to tackle that second helping of pie.  Even better, a race like this is perfectly suited to families and participants of all ages, so everyone can work up an appetite at their own speed.

It might also be the answer to all those tryptophan-tainted naps and festive treat induced comas we all love so much.  With so many traditions centered around good food, good drink, and general excess, it’s nice to have a little break in the way of cool, fresh air and something that encourages circulation to parts of the body other than the digestive tract.

Race Vitals: 

Where:  Coos Bay, OR; where Stillwater Drive meets Lakeshore Drive

When: Thursday, November 27th ; 9 am

How much: Two cans of food for donation


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