Kickstarter Feature: Do you LOVE Oregon?

As some of you may know, the Run Oregon Instagram (@run_oregon) turned one year old in late October of this year. We absolutely love featuring readers’ rave run pictures each weekday on Instagram AND Facebook (via Insta) with quotes that are curated to get your morning off right. Runners, walkers, and wanderers alike can submit their photos for feature merely by tagging #runoregon somewhere in their Insta post. October was such a banner month, we didn’t hail the Insta anniversary because we were too busy with all our sweet product giveaways for celebrating the blog having 6,000+ likes on Facebook. You love us, you really love us (thank you!)!

Do you LOVE Oregon? Check out Ryan Fordham’s Kickstarter Campaign.

That said, as the manager/button pusher/Lux filter gal behind the Run Oregon Instagram, I noticed about two week or so ago that a certain consensus of people were building on Instagram. Each morning as I tried to curate a featured image for a post to Instagram/Facebook with the #runoregon tag, I saw that the 6,000+ post feed of #runoregon tagged pictures were flooded by a viral campaign that even someone as cynical as me couldn’t resist. The premise– like most things that are easy to love– is this: do you LOVE Oregon? If you’re reading this, you probably live or race in Oregon, which means you undoubtedly do love this fair, (usually not polar-arctic insane) temperate state.
It’s a (drumroll please……….) sticker! A die cut sticker to show your love for Oregon on a car window, laptop, snowboard, iPad, a race shirt (temporary), or even your face (caveat– your face should be fairly large). The “O” is in the shape of the state of Oregon, and we’re kind of really into that. You can put the die cut sticker wherever your heart desires and your mind can imagine. Unlike me, the creator of this fab Kickstarter was born and raised in Oregon, and that sweet gentleman– Ryan Fordham– lives in nearby Corvallis, Oregon. Here’s the breakdown:
As of this post, the Kickstarter only has — THIRTY-THREE HOURS to go (what?!). But you know what? You’re lucky– you’re reading this. And if you want to get in, here are the details:
$5 donation: Get a sweet LOVE Oregon sticker in white or green
$10 donation: Get a LOVE Oregon sticker in camo
$13 donation: Get 3 LOVE Oregon stickers in any combo of white or green
$20 donation: 5 LOVE Oregon stickers in any combo of white or green
$40 donation: 2 LOVE Oregon stickers and a t-shirt with the logo

Fordham Kickstarter Shirt 2014

$75 donation: 2 LOVE Oregon stickers and a seriously awesome 33×25 wood cut-out in the shape of Oregon (why are there zero backers for this option?)

Fordham Kickstarter Page 2014

$175 donation: WHOA buddy, you got yourself stickers for all your buds for Christmas– 50 LOVE Oregon stickers in green or white!
Interested? Click here to fund the ‘starter in its final hours, and snag you some sweet wood, stickers, & cotton.
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