Goodbye Run Oregon, I am off to Run Colorado

Long Run Pictures took this great one of me at the finish line of the 2013 Every Girl's HM

Saying ‘Goodbye’ has never been easy for me, but being associated with the military, it has become a necessary evil through the years. For the first time in my life though, I am moving somewhere NOT military related. A choice my family and I are making that is taking us  far and away from Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, WA area and away from friends, family, and my Run Oregon family I have come to know and love.

Some of you readers knew me through my blogs, but never met me in person. Many readers did get to know me in person! For the readers I met, I always took such joy in the ones who would introduce themselves to me at the running events, especially while running. Some of you may not know me at all, but usually with a name like mine, and a personality to match, I stood out a little.

One thing I always hoped, was that I, in some small way, touched the lives of our readers. I still remember the people who have helped me, touched my life, and made it better. I am a happy runner. I am a social runner. I love people. I love running. So it just makes sense that I love running with people and the energy of the races.

Our UP! Costume cast - Taken By Waz-Mix Pix

You all touched my heart as well. So this is hard. Very hard. I have come to love my Run Oregon family and friends. Thank you for being a part of my life. I loved the early mornings, the late night runs, the cold runs, the hot ones, and just plain any type of running with you all. I loved seeing the amazing costumes and outfits. The joy on people’s faces as they finished something significant; whether it was a first 5k or their 100th half marathon. Thank you for adding to my joy.

So where am I going? I have been offered an amazing opportunity in Pueblo, CO to be the Talent Acquisitions Manager at Parkview Medical Center. And yes, I am taking my family :). They are excited for our new journey, and if truth be told, hubby is looking forward to the sunnier weather.

Just because I am moving, doesn’t mean I am gone, or I won’t be back. I will be back! So if you see me in the future – say hello! Until next time my friends, I am off to Run Colorado.


PS. Thank you Robin for this wonderful piece!

Mary Verdeccia (R), cheers as she wears a princess outfit as she participates in the annual Vancouver Lake Half Marathon Sunday January 26, 2014. (Natalie Behring/for the Columbian)