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5 Things Runners Should Know About Knees“: Repeat after me, “running does not destroy knees, running does not destroy knees, ….”

* Ouch, can you imagine training and training to hit your Boston Marathon qualifying time, just barely making it, and then finding out that there were so many other runners who hit qualifying times that you actually have to have beaten your QT by 1:02 . . . ?

* There’ve been a number of theme races in Oregon/SW Washington that have failed lately. It’s not just a local phenomenon. The one factor that jumped out at me was the cost of insuring the event, which has jumped up to $13-15 a person for events with obstacles.

* “5 lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of heart attacks by 80 percent“: Yeah, I’m not sure why this even counts as news, since those five changes are pretty much what you’d expect: “quitting smoking, eating more fruits and vegetables, walking for 40 minutes a day, cutting down on alcohol and losing the belly.” For those who run for beer, no mention of whether you can offset the booze consumption with more intense exercise.

* You know those occasional news stories that say too much running is bad for you? You could just as well say that too much chess is bad for you. . . .

* Maybe one reason so many Americans are not fit is the existence of dumb news stories like one from the Huffington Post claiming that a study finds that drinking wine is better for you than exercising. Except that the study didn’t find that. It found that in rodents, the resveratrol in wine had similar effects that exercising did. And then subsequent study on humans found that resveratrol inhibits some of the health gains from exercising. So, in fact, drinking wine does not appear to be better for you than exercising.

* Didn’t get enough of Oktoberfest after the Oregon Marathon/Half Marathon or the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest 5K/10K? Here’s a list of even more Oktoberfest-themed races around the country, including one in Washington state.

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