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Sumo Suit Athletics World Championship

* I thought that Japan was the main source of strangely interesting athletic events, like the inspiration for “American Ninja Warrior,” but it turns out the UK is a competitor in that department. Check out the Sumo Suit Athletics World Championship. Ever wonder what it’d be like if sumo wrestlers tried track and field events? Wonder no more – here, the competitors wear inflatable sumo suits and then take part in the 100 meter dash, shot put, high jump(!), long jump, and 400 meter sprint.

* Say you just ran five miles and want to know how many beers’ worth of calories you just burned. is there an app for that? Yes, there is.

Runner’s World‘s list of 41 superfoods to help runners: tl;dr = eat lots of fruits and vegetables, especially dark green ones. Seriously, it’s all fruits and vegetables. Not even the omega3 fatty acid-stuffed salmon….

* Is  it wrong to use a watermarked race photo for social media (instead of buying a clean version)?

* Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate just how fast professional runners are. Consider that Alysia Montano ran a track meet when she was 34 weeks pregnant, and finished 800 meters in 2:32 (i.e., a 5:04 pace). I don’t think I can run two track laps in 2:32, and I’m not carrying a nearly full-term baby!

* Thinking about a combination GPS watch and fitness tracker? Here’s a good review of the Garmin Forerunner 15. tl;dr = “All that said, the Forerunner 15 covers most of the fitness-tracking basics, and costs about the same as a basic runner’s watch.”

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