What Run Oregon is Wearing: Running Socks edition

Run-Oregon-Logo-SquareRun Oregon sometimes receives products to review. We recently  received some a few pairs of socks from a variety of companies out there. Here are our impressions of:

Crazy Compression (reviewed by Tina): 

Tina: Some runners like to be comfortable and some like to be colorful when running. The folks at Crazy Compression have combined the two into one compression filled flamboyant combination that is sure to match up with your wardrobe and yuor need for running compression.

I first tried my Crazy Compression socks (pink and black – super cute) to speed recovery after a thirteen mile run. The first think I noticed is how good it felt to put them on. My calves felt instantly soothed and I wasn’t shuffling along because of ongoing soreness that I typically feel for a while after long runs. I noticed the next day I had way less stiffness than is usual for me after longer than 12+ miles on the pavement.

For the first time in my life, I actually wore compression socks on my run instead of just after, as has been my habit with similar socks. I’m glad I did because I noticed how much better they made my feet feel, particularly the arches. I’ve always been one to have my feet start aching during long runs, but I really noticed a difference with Crazy Compression.

The compression wear they offer come in sleeves (calves with no feet), full socks, and arm sleeves. Most of their products run between $25-$30. But from now through July 4, you can get %15 off all of their products! 10% of all sales will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.


Dr. Segals Compression Socks (Reviewed by Mary):

There are some very specific and vivid images conjured in my brain at the first mention of “compression socks.”  A child of a mom with varicose veins, or as I understood them for the first decade of my life, “very-close veins,” I regarded them as savage things meant to imprison toes and leave grooves in skin so deep you could stash spare change in them.

Things. have. changed.

Dr. Segal's Running SocksWhen Dr. Segal’s performance running socks arrived on my door, I was expecting flashbacks to my childhood and the compression stockings of my Mom’s post- pregnancy daily routine.  And I am happy to report just how misplaced this expectation was.  My first and maybe favorite part is that there is nary a nude-tone in sight in this box of performance running socks.  Full disclosure, I obviously chose the bright green ones, and remain pretty satisfied with my selection.  They don’t look like mom socks, they look like fast, potentially Day-Glo®, running socks.  I count this as a bonus feature.

Still harboring a mild suspicion about compression socks, I had been reluctant to try them, but these seemed very approachable as far as hosiery goes.  As soon as I pulled them out of the package, I was excited to try them.

Their first trial was my Saturday 6 miler, and after some initial hilarity trying to get them on, they felt great.  You will definitely need both hands, and a little muscle, but the reward seems very much worth it.  My worries about constricted toes were quickly assuaged, since the toe box is constructed to leave plenty of breathing room.  Their graduated design is not only intuitive, it adds to the support and helps the sock stay upright throughout running, which I definitely did not need to worry about.  They also seemed to breath quite nicely during running, which was another area I had been dubious about.

They served me very well for 6 miles, and my legs felt comfortable, even fast, in them. I’ve been struggling with tendonitis symptoms, and these seemed to ward off any hint of the precursors to that very familiar pain which was a tremendous plus.  I also suffered zero blistering, which is always a concern when testing unknown socks for me.  My favorite part, removing them at the end of a run, feels especially triumphant.

Hat tips to you, Dr. Segal for a pretty rad pair of socks that I’ll look forward to running, and probably recovering, in for quite a while.


  • Available in a pretty amazing array of colors
  • Comfortable toes
  • Gentle compression support
  • Ultra-Fresh fabric that resists odors (this is obviously not Dr. Segal’s first time making running socks)


  • I have to struggle to come up with one, but I will say for me it’s the hard-to-put-on factor.  Although, if you’re aware that you’re running in a compression sock, I feel like you’re prepared for the investment it takes to get them onto your person.  I blame myself for being impatient to start my run.


My Soxy Feet (Reviewed by Annette):

My Soxy Feet is a company that prides themselves on their US made high quality athletic socks.  But, socks by My Soxy Feet are not your typical white running socks.  As founder, Melissa Corp, writes on the website, “Each pair of high quality athletic socks is an ode to someone who helped me understand the interplay between challenge and joy.  So on those days when excuses are looming, I hope that these colorful socks inspire you to get out and run.” These inspirational socks are woven with Cool Max and Ecomade Fibers to keep your feet dry and nylon and lycra to keep them snugly in place. They come in a variety of colors and themes with names like Flutter, Smiley, and even Soxy Man.  While Soxy Feet are mostly women’s socks, Soxy Man socks are made especially for men.

Run With It socks by My Soxy Feet

Run With It socks by My Soxy Feet

My Run With It socks arrived with a handwritten post-it note that said, “Happy Running, Annette!” along with a smiley face and founder Melissa’s name. A nice personal touch!  Eager to try out my brightly colored socks, I took them out of the packaging and noticed that the socks were not the same – intentionally.  While they both had bright pink and green on them, they were placed in opposite locations.  One sock said “Good Run” and the other said”Good Fun.” (See photo.)  When I put them on I knew right away that these were good socks.  They were super comfortable and didn’t have any big lumpy seams.  They had a bit of thickness and ‘cushiness’ to them, but were still thin enough that my running shoes didn’t feel too tight.  Once I had my shoes on I looked down and noticed a bright green band of color around one ankle and a bright pink one around the other.  For a girl that likes things to match, this was a bit of a stretch.  I tried not to think about it and headed out the door for my run.  The socks stayed put and there was no annoying bunching or rubbing. A sign of a good running sock!  However, when I looked down at my feet, I once again noticed that my socks didn’t match.  It produced an annoying cadence in my head as I ran, “Pink-Green-Pink-Green-Pink-Gre . . . Stop it!”  I guess I’m a little more obsessive about matching than I realized.  But, once I quit looking down, the socks were unnoticeable – as a good pair of running socks should be.

If  you’re looking for a comfortable pair of running socks, look no farther than My Soxy Feet.  If you have a “matching disorder” like I appear to have, just order 2 of the same pair and then you can swap them out and have 2 matching pairs of awesome socks.  Besides, as we runners know, when you find a good pair of running socks you have to buy a whole bunch of them anyway!

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