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* Advice on how to get faster at trail running from Runner’s World‘s Coach Jenny. It could be useful if you’re planning on running the Zombie Mud Run at Lee Farm’s this fall. Get faster or get devoured. (Or, if you’re running as a zombie, which I am, get faster and FEAST ON THE DELICIOUS BRRRAAAAAIIIIINNNNNS.)

* Summer running tips: fortunately, we Oregonians are lucky enough to live in a temperate zone – not too hot, not too cold – but #4 (sunblock) and #6 (slow down) are certainly worth keeping in mind.

* Maybe I’m secretly Canadian?: “Canadians Most Obsessed With Health and Fitness (Russians, Nyet).” Well, British Columbia looks like a pretty awesome place to live….

* Should gyms and fitness clubs be subject to a general services sales tax? That’s what D.C. is considering. One argument is that they shouldn’t get a special exemption, which they do now. But on the other hand, maybe we should think about subsidizing gym memberships, since when you subsidize something, you increase demand for it.

* Is barefoot running dead? It doesn’t seem that way to me, but proponents of “fat-soled shoes” are saying that the barefoot/minimalist movement is over.

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