Hi. My Name is Jessica and I am Addicted to Racing (Part II).

Allied Medal Displays Portland Option

Allied Medal Displays Portland Option – This is the medal rack I have and love!

On May 15, I first admitted to you that I had a problem with a serious addiction. That addiction was racing. Today, I want to talk about another addiction that aligns perfectly with the racing addiction – the “racing stuff!” addiction.I love half marathon finisher medals and age groups awards when I run fast enough to get one. I proudly display them on my ‘Allied Medals’ medal hanger in my living room. I also love event technical shirts. Lately, I have been pretty disappointed in the event shirts given out at races. I won’t delve into details about which races I am disappointed in, but I wonder – have you been disappointed lately in the race shirts? Or is it just me? Are my standards too high? This could be a very real possibility!

And what about those goodie (or participant) bags that were handed out at nearly every half-marathon distance and above race from 2007 – 2013-ish? Are races completely doing away with those? I wonder why. I loved going to packet pick-up for a big half-marathon and getting my goodie bag, packed full of free samples (which I routinely purchased the full size regular product after trying the sample), and laying them out all over the table to peruse through. Especially those races when you are traveling, and hanging out in a hotel room the night before the race. Those goodie bags supply endless hours of entertainment. I love reading the advertisements on upcoming races.

So, I would like to know – am I the only one addicted to, not only races, but “racing stuff”?

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