8-Track Relay: A 24 Hour Running Party Set for July 19th


There are lots of relays for teams out there for a set distance, but have you ever wondered how far could your team could go if you ran continuously for 24 hours with no set legs?  The 8-Track Relay is a chance to find out how many miles you and your team can cram into 24 hours.  The 8-Track Relay will be held at Portland International Raceway on July 19th– 20th  and it sounds like it’s going to be 24 hours of fun, some of it related to running, but plenty of non-running activities to keep you busy in between.

Teams use an 8-track cassette tape as the ‘baton’and run as far as they can in the 24 hour period.  Teams can be as small as one runner or as large as 50 runners.  Teams with more than 20 runners are “super teams” and get VIP camping areas. Your baton holds a timing chip and keeps track of the mileage.  With a 4 mile loop to run, it’s simply a race to see which team can get the most mileage in during the time slot.  You don’t have to worry about running in a certain order or making sure each member does a particular number of legs.  Your team can decide how you run it and just have fun with it.  Your runner never gets lost and it is easy to cheer on and support your teammates.

When you’re not running or walking, the organizers have almost 300 acres to make into an adult playground. With activities like frisbee golf, volleyball, kickball, soccer and yoga, there’s very little down time with this relay.  If those don’t get you excited, there will be a giant disco party, fireworks, a huge bonfire and great food as well.

Camping is included in the price of registration and for anyone that purchases a festival pass. All registered runners and festival pass cardholders will have access to the expo, the disco party, the firework show and activities galore.   There are plenty of activities for those that don’t want to sleep in between runs or for spectators that want in on the fun.  This is a relay with no vans, no trying to catch up with runners, and there are free hot showers.

The cost is $89 per runner and includes a tech shirt as well as access to the festivities and free camping. Click here for complete event information.