Race Preview: Astoria/Cannon Beach 50-Mile Run and more

Astoria/Cannon Beach 50-Mile Run is a small and free race provided to celebrate 4th of July weekend, friends, freedom to our country and freedom to run…

…so it is free. The idea for this run came up between two friends, both trail runners, who were looking to complete their first 50-mile runs. Rather than paying the large sign-up fees to register for a more commercial race, they decided to map out their own route and run it in a non-competitive manner. The Astoria-Cannon Beach 50-mile run is the idea that a few friends and runners can get together and spend a day running across forest trails and coastal beaches.

They are only asking for volunteers. there’s no sign-up fee and no official registration. They are envisioning  a cooperatively self-supported run, and asking only that anyone who participates contribute in some way – such as setting up an unmanned aid station along the course before the race and taking it down after, or having a friend volunteer to take digital pics and offering a link they may be found. So the RD’s are looking for runners to contribute in some way in lieu of a registration fee. [please see the website for more details]


Race: Astoria/Cannon Beach 50-Mile Run (***To encourage people at all levels to participate, we will mark 10K, half-marathon, and marathon distances.***)

When: Saturday, July 5, 2014

Where:  Astoria

Registration Link: See website for more details

Other: There has been media coverage and blog listings, so the race directors are prepared. Currently this is a small race of about 50 people, but it can grow. There is already enough support for those that have responded and the event is will be happening. They have quite a few sponsors too!

Questions? Any questions or ideas can be sent to:




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