Race Recap and Results – Blue Lake Sprint Tri (Fairview)

Wave start at the Blue Lake Triathlon (c) AA Sports

The Blue Lake Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon, and “My First Tri” took place at Blue Lake Park in Fairview, OR, on Saturday, June 7th, 2014. Olympic distance triathlon and duathlon followed on Sunday. For complete results of all events visit the AA Sports Results page, and you can find many pictures on the AA Sports Facebook page. Fellow blogger Amy Little also wrote about her own triathlon experience

Last year I had participated in the Blue Lake “My First Tri” distance triathlon, so this year I knew what to expect. I got to the lake early (one hour before the start), since I still had to pick up my race packet. There was no delay getting into the park, and I got to park my car pretty close to the transition area.

Transition area (c) AA Sports

The transition area was very well organized. Even as a relative newcomer (this was my second triathlon) I was able to find the swim in, bike out, bike in and run out areas without trouble. I set up my bike and run clothes, making sure that I had drinks and food at the ready as well. Around me, people were putting on their wetsuits, but this time I had opted for tri-shorts and a neoprene rashguard instead. My gamble paid off and I breathed a sigh of relief when the MC announced the water temperature to be a balmy 69.8*F. I had time to look at the vendors, try some of the Clif electrolyte drink, and get the lay of the land.

Around 7:45am we were called to the water’s edge for the pre-race briefing. As I looked for the green buoys that were the markers for the half mile swim, I got a bit nervous again, but just pretended to know what I’m doing. The swimmers were sent off in waves, starting with the elite athletes, then working through the age/gender groups from young to old. The “My First Tri” participants (whose swim distance was the shorter 1/4 mile around the orange buoys) were in the last wave, so they could watch and learn from the sprint participants.

My choice of swimming top turned out to be a poor one, since it didn’t stay snugly around my midriff but the neoprene shirt kept riding up and floating. I struggled with getting into a rhythm of steady swim strokes, and unfortunately didn’t find my groove until after I turned the last buoy and was heading back to shore. Onward and upward…

I was happy to have solid ground back under my feet, running to the transition area to get ready for the bike portion. Last year, the 12 mile bike was difficult, but I had made several improvements to my bike, and it was much easier this time. I was one of the very few cyclists with a “regular” city/hybrid bike, not a road bike with huge skinny tires. At one point during the race I was passed by a group of cyclists who were just out for their Saturday bike ride!
The flat, partially closed out-and-back course along the Columbia River was very nice. At one point I felt sprinkles on my face, but wasn’t sure if that was from my wet hair, the clouds, or the river. Either way, it felt good. After the turnaround, the tailwind back to the transition area was really nice! At times I almost felt like a legitimate cyclist!

Runners near the half-way mark of the 5k (c) AA Sports

Back at the transition, I parked my bike, decided to leave behind my Garmin and headed out for the run. The first 1/4 mile I had to watch my step a bit since the route took us over somewhat uneven grass over to the road. Runners were spread out enough to not cause any congestion on the running path. There were mile markers and two water stations (staffed by Portland Triathlon Club volunteers), and I don’t even care if the volunteer was lying when he said that I looked fresh and strong. It lifted my spirits and helped me through the next 1.5 miles. The final stretch of the race took us along the lake, which looked nice enough to jump into again, and then up towards the finish area, where we were greeted by water and a finisher’s medal.

After the race, there was music by “Hit Machine”, water, beer, salty pretzel mix, rolls with TrailButter, salad, and berry shortcakes! I had some of everything while watching the awards ceremony and waiting for official results. By the time I was ready to leave, the transition area was mostly empty, and I packed up my things and went home.

AA Sports helped me have a great experience during this triathlon. While I was slower than a herd of turtles (someone has to be in the bottom 10, right?) I had a lot of fun, and I may even consider trying this race again next year. Maybe in my third try I’ll get the swim portion figured out!

Some of the overall winners. (c) AA Sports

Sprint Triathlon Results:

Overall Males
1. Blair Bronson of Corvallis, OR – 1:02:09
2. Ray Fioriof Albany, OR – 1:02:09
3. Brett Donis* of Portland, OR – 1:02:53

Overall Females
1. Sara Cannon* of Portland, OR – 1:08:38
2. Remy Maguire of Portland, OR – 1:11:03
3. Anne Heiner of Portland, OR – 1:11:24

Overall Master Males
1. Jeff Marsh of Portland, OR – 1:07:16
2. David Smith of Hillsboro, OR – 1:08:37
3. Tom Meese of Beaverton, OR – 1:09:44

Overall Master Females
1. Kim Grasberger of Portland, OR – 1:14:39
2. Susan Moote of Portland, OR – 1:14:39
3. Lisa Holmes of Portland, OR – 1:16:28

Sprint Duathlon Results:

Overall Males
1. Joe English* of Hillsboro, OR – 1:12:49
2. Mark Sussman of Portland, OR – 1:13:04
3. Bryant Howard* of Portland, OR – 1:14:02

Overall Females
1. Laura Wiley* of Beaverton, OR – 1:23:25
2. Diane Smith* of Hillsboro, OR – 1:25:27
3. Kimberly Anchell* of Portland, OR – 1:28:29

Overall Master Males
1. Ken Nakata of Seattle, WA – 1:20:39
2. Peter Rhodes of Hillsboro, OR – 1:22:49
3. Lee Sobchak of Boise, ID – 1:23:07

Overall Master Females
1. Annie Mahoney of Portland, OR – 1:32:30
2. Krista Hadley of White City, OR – 1:37:00
3. Diane Kernsof Milwaukie, OR – 1:41:10

My First Tri finisher’s medals (c) AA Sports

My First Tri Results:

Overall Males
1. Felipe Nystrom of Portland, OR – 1:11:32
2. Kevin McCoy* of Eagle Point, OR – 1:12:55
3. Edmund Havener of Everett, WA – 1:13:07

Overall Females
1. Brandy Bosnjak of Portland, OR – 1:13:33
2. Lindsay Farrer of Canby, OR – 1:16:24
3. Cher Vasquez of Sherwood, OR – 1:16:27

Overall Master Males
1. Ronald Wright of Medford, OR – 1:15:33
2. Mark Friess of Lake Oswego, OR – 1:16:04
3. Allen Beale of Tigard, OR – 1:18:01

Overall Master Females
1. Angela Lowe of Vancouver, WA – 1:22:59
2. Susan Rehm of Beaverton, OR – 1:24:50
3. Kristina Forsberg of Vancouver, WA – 1:28:14

* Denotes Masters

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