Salem’s “On Your Feet Friday” is this Friday!


On Your Feet Friday is geared towards seasoned runners and families alike. It is not a race though, but is more of a scavenger hunt of sorts. Runners will begin at Gallagher Fitness and receive a passport that has a locations spread throughout the downtown area to get to and have passports stamped at. Some locations will be near to the starting location and others will require a bit of a trek. Runners will have 45 minutes to get to all the locations. There is incentive for pushing yourself and getting to all the check-ins, because the number of raffle tickets you receive depends on the number of locations you get to. The locations that are further away will net you some bonus tickets. and more difficult locations will garner additional tickets as well. Come expecting a laid back and family friendly environment and you won’t be disappointed.

5:30-6:15pm – Sign-ups at Gallagher Fitness
6:15-7:00pm – Checkpoints Scramble
7:00-8:00pm – Raffle Prizes and After-Party

Checkpoints will be revealed at the Gallagher Fitness Facebook page and this month’s shoe sponsor is New Balance.

**Even if you can’t make it to this month’s event, make sure you put the second Friday of each month into your calendar as an OYFF day!

On Your Feet Friday (Salem)
When: 530-615p sign in; 615-7p scavenger hunt; 7-8p raffle and after-party
Where: Gallagher Fitness and the surrounding Salem area
Register: No registration. Just show up at 530 for sign-up!

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