Race Recap and results: Tonkin’s For the Love of Schools (Wilsonville)

for-the-love-of-schoolsThe third annual For the Love of Schools run took place on Sunday, June 1st in Wilsonville. It was once again hosted and organized by Tonkin Audi, chip-timed by AA Sports, and announced by Energy Events‘ Brian Davis. This small town race is growing every year, and this time over 500 runners and walkers participated in the 5k, 139 ran/walked the 10k, and 88 finished the inaugural half-marathon. 

We arrived at the start/finish area with plenty of time before our race start. We were lucky to have one of the VIP parking spots on the Tonkin property, which were given to the first 100 people to pick up their race packets (during normal business hours on Friday and Saturday before the race). Vendors were set up and happy to talk to us. My nine-year-old son was especially taken by the Mt Hood Search and Rescue, which was raising money by selling stuffed SAR dogs.

The half marathon started first with a 7:30 start time. After a quick group warm-up session, the runners were off on the inaugural run. Most of the half-marathon course was on streets that were completely closed to traffic, with two miles running through Metro’s Graham Oaks Nature Park. I spoke to a half-marathon finisher who said she was very happy with the course and support along the way.

My family is ready to run

My family is ready to run

The 10k runners were sent off at 7:45, and the 5k at 7:55. Being a run in support of schools there was a large contingent of student runners in the 5k (a shorter “kids distance” was not offered): Close to 200 participants were ages 16 and below. Teachers were also well represented, and West Linn-Wilsonville Superintendent Bill Rhoades finished the half marathon in a very respectable 18th place (overall males).

I ran the 5k this time, and the course was very well-marked and supported. Critical turns were manned by volunteers, and the water station operation was smooth as well. The finish chute was set up in a way that friends and family were able to line the ropes to cheer you across the finish line, where you were greeted with a finishers medal and a bottle of water.

After the race we were able to get a five-minute massage, picked up our delicious Hawaiian noodle/chicken/vegetable dish catered by NoKaOi Catering, and participants of legal drinking age could get a beer from RAM Restaurant. Overall this was a very well-organized small-town race with lots of room and potential for growth in the coming years.

For the Love of Schools results:

5k Results:

Overall Males:
1. Kentaro Yamamoto of Portland, OR – 0:18:37
2. Cody Thompson of Sherwood, OR – 0:19:38
3. Eric Berdejo of Woodburn, OR – 0:20:02

Overall Females:
1. Carolyn Jerns* of Aloha, OR – 0:21:45
2. Michelle Rankin of Tualatin, OR – 0:22:04
3. Katy Burkhartzmeyer of West Linn, OR – 0:22:59

Overall Masters Males
1. Jason Hobson of Milwaukie, OR – 0:20:14
2. Timothy Becken of Vernonia, OR – 0:20:16
3. Patrick Drain of Sherwood, OR – 0:21:27

Overall Masters Females
1. Anne Simcoe of Wilsonville, OR – 0:24:32
2. Kristen Keswick of Wilsonville, OR – 0:24:56
3. Kristina Foroud of Wilsonville, OR – 0:25:48

10k Results:

Overall Males
1. John Clifford* of Sherwood, OR – 0:36:59
2. Nicholas Crouch of Vancouver, WA – 0:37:17
3. Nathan Hult* of Wilsonville, OR – 0:40:33

Overall Females
1. Emily Bcuk of Portland, OR – 0:47:48
2. Denise Pena of Portland, OR – 0:48:17
3. Courtney Penberthy of Sherwood, OR – 0:48:31

Overall Masters Males
1. David Pryor of Portland, OR – 0:43:27
2. Ben Odenborg of Portland, OR – 0:44:00
3. Will Ferrin of West Linn, OR – 0:44:04

Overall Masters Females
1. Lois Ann Sharpe of Wilsonville, OR – 0:50:50
2. Linda Ingalls of Wilsonville, OR – 0:50:52
3. Hilary Wells of West Linn, OR – 0:51:19

Half Marathon Results:

Overall Males
1. Mike Studer* of Salem, OR – 1:22:33
2. Brad Bateman of Milwaukie, OR – 1:23:06
3. Kyle McDonald of Happy Valley, OR – 1:24:50

Overall Females
1. Kristen Douglass* of Sherwood, OR – 1:27:50
2. Erica Koranda of Camas, WA – 1:34:41
3. Kimberly Chebuk* of West Linn, OR – 1:39:53

Overall Masters Males
1. Miles Brown of West Linn, OR 1098 – 1:25:31
2. Paul Hemson of Wilsonville, OR – 1:28:17
3. Greg Elwell of Boring, OR – 1:29:30

Overall Masters Females
1. Cathy Stores of Clackamas, OR – 1:41:31
2. Tove Durbin of Oregon City, OR – 1:51:47
3. Gail Henry of Lake Oswego, OR – 1:59:52

* Denotes Masters

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