A Tale of the Tape – KT Tape that is! A review by 2 Run Oregon bloggers



All taped up and nowhere to go. – Photo by (and of) Marilyn Tycer

KT Tape sent me their KT Tape PRO in Epic Purple (looove) and Stealth Beige (kind of reminds me of a bandaid… but if bright colors aren’t your thing, it’s nice that they included a skin color option!). The 20 pre-cut strips are convenient (although you get slightly less product than a regular roll), and will set you back $20–about a buck a strip. Since a lot of tape jobs require about three pieces of tape, you’re looking at $3 per application.

In terms of performance and support, I will say that KT tape makes my sore, tired and/or injured body parts feel a lot better. I’ve been using it on my ankles and I feel that it’s helped me a lot. It doesn’t irritate my skin or cause blisters like regular cotton athletic tape did (even with pre-wrap!). I also like to use little patches of KT tape to prevent/minimize blisters and hotspots on my feet. It’s been a lifesaver for marathon training as the weather’s gotten warmer and my feet have apparently gotten sweatier and more blister-prone.

KT Tape claims that the PRO tape will stay on for seven days, even with exposure to water (i.e. pool), so if you can get it to stay on for that long, it’s not a bad deal. However, I couldn’t get my KT Tape to stay on me for more than a day and a half even with smooth shaved legs that were free of any lotions or creams. I also really like that the little carrying case keeps the roll from unraveling everywhere.

Overall, I recommend this product!


I’ve battled with flareups of plantar fasciitis for several years now, and have gotten used to the pain that I inevitably feel after wearing certain shoes or after long runs. I knew there were ways to tape the foot, but athletic tape leaves sticky lines and needs to be replaced at least daily. Then I decided to give KT Tape a try, and now I’m wondering where it’s been all my life! The kind I tried is synthetic KT Tape Pro that comes in rolls of 20 pre-cut 10″ long strips. Also in the box is an instruction sheet for the most common ways to apply the tape. I first tried it on the foot that hurt me more, and within minutes all pain was entirely gone. I immediately taped the other foot as well, and the level of pain-free-ness is amazing! KT Tape Pro can be worn through showers (and my upcoming triathlon!) and stay on for up to seven days. I think I found the solution to my lingering foot problem!


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