A perfect summertime treat for runners? A Run Oregon review of PowerICE

powerice-logoRun Oregon bloggers recently received some samples from PowerICE – Read on for our thoughts on each. 

Company: Staying hydrated begins before athletic activity begins and continues throughout the exercise. Importantly, hydration must also persist once you are done with your activity. The electrolytes in each PowerICE bar help the body replenish essential nutrients like sodium and potassium. And its frozen state means each PowerICE bar can actually lower your core body temperature, keeping you cool before, during and after your activity. Check out their “Science of Frozen“.

powerice-teresaBrian: I was fortunate enough to have access to the PowerICE during one of our heat waves. I used it after several workouts of various lengths and intensity. Each flavor tasted great, not too sweet or tangy. They were easy to open and eat, always a bonus after an extremely tough workout. Easily supplanting my favorite post hot run snack of watermelon, the instant refreshment was awesome. I actually can think of no drawbacks to this product.


It’s hard for me to get enough fluids in after a long run. I can only drink so much water and with the weather heating up, it’s even more important to keep your fluids in check. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of PowerICE sooner, but they are my new favorite way to end a long run on a hot day. Basically, a frozen hydration treat, I’m so excited to discover these. I don’t like the taste of drinks with electrolytes, but when offered as a frozen concoction, they are quite tasty and refreshing. With an assortment of flavors including, Lime Kicker, Orange Blast, Grape Score and Raspberry Rip, these are like a treat. They are the perfect size to replenish electrolytes and a much better alternative for me, since those sugary/salty drinks make me gag. PowerICE are perfect for hot work outs, soccer games, daily doubles and sick kids. I used them to help keep a sick kiddo hydrated while he was running a fever. They kept him hydrated and cooled his sore throat.

These sell on their online store for $5.99 for a box of 6.


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