Stoller 5K Race Recap by a very young blogger

This is me (Kaylee) photo bombing a selfie of my Mom and race director Elisa Bennett!

This is me (Kaylee) photo bombing a selfie of my Mom and race director Elisa Bennett!

Recently I ran the Stoller 5K race with my mom. The race raises money for Stoller Middle School. When I first got there I really needed to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t find the bathrooms until I realized they were inside the school. It was nice that they were inside and warm because it was cold outside.

When we got back outside my Mom and I walked around looking at the sponsor tents. The two main sponsors I remember were KIND Bars and VooDoo Donuts. At different times during the race KIND was putting out different kinds of their bars for free.

The VooDoo Donut stand was selling some of their best donuts. The donut I admired most looked like a regular glazed donut but the topping was bubble gum flavor icing with a piece of Double Bubble Bubble Gum where the hole should be.

I earned this donut after I ran almost the whole 5K!

I earned this donut after I ran almost the whole 5K!

The Stoller 5K race had a band to play while people were waiting to run the race. They played really well, they were middle school students from Stoller. They must have been practicing really hard because they were so good that they played Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” perfectly.

The Stoller 5k had a raffle tent and there were a lot of prizes, like gift cards for different stores. At the end of the race they wrote the winning bib numbers next to the prize they won on a big neon green board. I remember that there were a couple gift certificates for the All Star Dance Academy and there were a few gift cards for Powell’s books, man I wanted to win one!

When I first saw the big blow up starting line I thought it would say Stoller Middle School, but it said FitRight Northwest on it instead.
The start of the race was pretty straight so I thought the entire race would be straight but I wasn’t so lucky! When I got to the first hill I thought “if it’s going to be like this the entire race I’m not doing this again!” but it ended up being very very very hilly.

I’m glad there were two water stations along the course because the last one was toward the end of the race when runners need them the most. I also had a chance to eat the M & M’s that were in my SWAG bag when I stopped at the second water station. I was really really tired at this point.

After the last water station we ran down the hill and turned the corner back towards the school, where we started. I was really tired at the end of the race so my Dad bought me the bubble gum VooDoo donut for my post-race prize.

I would like to thank all the awesome volunteers because they were very enthusiastic about showing runners which way to go. They were pointing and dancing with their different colored thunder sticks.

This is me, all ready to run!

This is me, all ready to run!

I would recommend this race for experience kid runners. All in all, I really like this race because it gave me a really good challenge. I decided to do it again next year!

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