Product Review: Signature Series LaMichael James Yurbuds (Headphones)

Yurbuds Signature Series

Yurbuds Signature Series

I should qualify this post with a statement that I love Yurbuds. I loved the Yurbuds before I even tried these new Signature Series LaMichael James Yurbuds. I have been looking for better and believe I found what I am looking for in these headphones. Why was I searching for newer/better Yurbuds? Well, mainly because the cord was constantly getting tangled. It was annoying, but not a problem limited to Yurbuds.

These Yurbuds have tangle-resistant cloth cords and offer a really neat reflective quality great for running in the dark in Oregon. Add that to the fact I already love how they do not fall out on my runs, and they are almost perfect. They offer a great sound, but I am unsure if they offer the ‘premium sound quality’ as stated on the box. I do feel they are better than other less expensive headphones, but the price point is matched with the additional features of this product. It also offers a 1-button microphone with track and call control on your iPod or to make great headphones for your phone calls as well. But wait there is more! They also come sweat and water-resistant, essential for running in the great northwest area! The headphones are compatible with most Smartphones and iPhones.

Contents of Yurbuds Signature Series

Contents of Yurbuds Signature Series

I only had two issues. One the jack and the other volume control. Once I pushed the jack, or even moved it, the sound would be fine, but then would occasionally cut out again. They offer a lifetime guarantee, but it just not been worth my while to return/replace it. Second, there was no volume control on the mic. It seems to me if they have a device that answers the phone/changes tracks with a mic to talk, why not spend a little extra and add a volume control? That was a feature I had on my previous headset and really miss it. However, I enjoy the other new features more than I miss this one.

The pros:

  • Stays in your ears and has ambient sound
  • Comfy in the ears
  • Sweat-Water resistant
  • Cords are tangle resistant
  • Cords are reflective and lightweight
  • Great sound quality
  • Lifetime Warranty (Covered by Yurbuds lifetime warranty for all product defects)
  • 1-button Mic with track & call control
Yurbuds Signature Series reflective. I kept forgetting to take a picture in the dark.

Yurbuds Signature Series reflective. I kept forgetting to take a picture in the dark.

The cons:

  • Jack connection seems to have some connection issues (was not worth returning)
  • No volume control on Mic
  • Limited color is Black
  • Made for larger ears, so may not fit some women and kids

In the end, I fully believe these are worth the extra money ($60 about) to get the tangle resistant cord. Oh my goodness, how much easier life is with this one little aspect. That, and I received a device that works as a phone jack for my car when driving. That was a bonus I didn’t know when I got them, and I really enjoy that. In the end, Yurbuds are a product I keep coming back to again and again for comfort, quality, and standing behind their product to replace when they go bad!

Yurbuds Signature Series back of box

Yurbuds Signature Series back of box



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  1. Yurbuds does make “women’s” ear buds also: I’ve tried them and liked them, until I lost the little rubbery fitted coverings 🙁

  2. Thanks Marilyn. you are right! I got a set of those (the sky blues) and they were about $30, but they felt ‘cheap’ . The sound quality was ok, they felt flimsey, always tangled, and within 2 month of light wear one of the sides went out of sound. I felt silly doing the guarantee on a $30 pair of headphones, so I didn’t. But the good side was they did stay in my ears and fit well, but luckily I have big ears, so the other manly ones fit just fine.

  3. So, did anyone else notice that Yurbud was sold to Harman Corporation back in 2014? I had to get my husband’s set replaced because the right ear speaker went out and now the package on the new set says limited one year warranty instead of lifetime. Wonder if Harman will still honor the lifetime warranty of those who purchased pre takeover?….

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