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A joyful child sprints to the finish in the Kids' One-Mile Dash.

4 laps = 1 mile (or 1600 meters) if you’re in lap 1

* Do you ever go running on the track but find that the inside lane is blocked because of walkers, lane barriers, or other obstacles, and then end up wondering how much extra distance the middle lane added to your run? Wonder no more; just head over to this website, plug in the relevant numbers, and get your answer.

* Running seems to benefit the health of the runner’s spouse even if the spouse isn’t a runner.

* Best training program for veteran runners: run at the extremes (i.e., either slow easy runs or fast hard ones, but nothing in the middle). I found when I was stuck on a plateau for a while, I was running too much at medium intensity, and clearly separating my runs into slow easy ones or fast hard ones got me (temporarily) over the plateau.

* It’s always tragic to read about a runner who drops dead during or just after a race. This 16-year-old girl sounds like she was a really great person, and the fact that she was a competitive swimmer makes it all the more strange that she died after completing a half marathon. I can only imagine what her parents are going through, but her dad’s public statements demonstrate true perspective: “Grace and I were given a gift to be with her during her accomplishment and we were with her in end. Please use Cameron’s story as an inspiration to set goals, overcome obstacles and fight the good fight. She did that every day.”

running_cheaper_than_therapy_mug* One of the popular running slogans at Cafe Press is “Running: cheaper than therapy.” There’s truth to it.

* Besides therapy, running may also be a form of rehabilitation for some prisoners: “Prison may have been the best thing that happened to Leane Guerrero. That’s where she started running. Not to escape, but to save herself.”

* Some people hate the treadmill. I’m more like Cori (of Olive to Run): a lot of times it’s not as good as running outdoors, but there are reasons to like them.

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