Kickstarter of the Week: The Dash – Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones

Bragi_Dash_FrontProduct: The Dash – Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones
Location: Munich, Germany
Link: Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date: March 31

Current Pledge: $2,387,697 of $260,000 (WILL BE FUNDED) I love music. I have been doing a Run Oregon Tunes monthly post, and it is more than normal to see my plugging my earholes with headphones every day at work and on runs. This week’s Kickstarter of the Week has slowly become my new obsession – The Dash Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. These headphones have scorched past their initial goal of $260,000 and has already moved into nearly 2.5 million dollars worth of backing. From at least the initial looks of things, it has almost everything a music lover could want – and then some.

bragi_dash_valueBragi, the German company behind the smart headphones, have incorporated so much into these. They feature about 4GB of storage (or 1000+ songs) right into the headphones themselves, so there is no need to carry a separate mp3 player or iPhone for music.  BUT you can still use your personal players, as it syncs wirelessly with your mobile devices. There are also a variety of monitors within them, including:

  • RED and Infrared Optical Sensor (measures blood cells, heart rate, and oxygen saturation level
  • Thermometer (for body temperature)
  • Microphone (they can record your voice through your ear bone!)
  • Ambient Microphone (can record outside noises as well!)
    • The  cool thing about the sound is that you can choose to block out the ambient, outside noise and solely listen to the music, OR you can set it up where the outside noises are louder than what you are listening to – a cool feature to be able to be aware of cars or danger while still hearing music.
  • Accelerometer (calculates pace and distance while running, cadence when biking, and laps while swimming)

Bragi_Dash_Case_02Some other amazing features (as if those weren’t amazing enough):

  • Can automatically record your body’s vitals in its storage and display on your computer or smart phone
  • A lot of fancy audiophile jargon that I don’t understand, but sounds awesome.
  • LED lighting that looks pretty cool in your ears.

Bragi_AppIt has a touch surface, similar to that of a trackpad, offering a simple way to use when on the go. There are also 3 different silicone sleeves available to provide a perfect fit. I think you will be best served to go to their Kickstarter and Webpages and check out everything awesome. Right now you can pledge $199 for a pair, which will be ready to ship in January 2015 – just in time to keep you motivated at the start of the year or utilized as a Christmas gift for the runner in your life.

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