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obama biden running

* Hey, it’s the President and the Vice-President on what looks to be an easy run! I think I’d change out of the tie, suit pants, and wingtips, though. And while I’d bet on the President to beat the Vice-President in a race, the Veep seems to have better form from what I can tell. (For a longer video clip with sound/music, go below the fold.)

half sticker
* This is a critical question. When are you “allowed” to put one of those 13.1 or 26.2 stickers on your car, when you’ve run a half or full marathon race, or just when you’ve run that distance in a training run? This has actually been hotly debated in the Runner’s World online forum! (Of course, I still haven’t put my 13.1 sticker from last year’s Oregon Marathon and a Half on my car.)

* Conventional wisdom says not to exercise in the evening because you’ll have trouble falling asleep. A new study — based on self-reported sleep quality, so take it with a grain of salt — finds that maybe evening exercise doesn’t really have any negative impact on sleep quality, although morning exercise is still the best.

gear_fit_close_up* Early review of Samsung’s new Gear Fit device: “We could also be questioning who will buy the Fit because Samsung hasn’t done the best job of obfuscating its true identity: This is the Galaxy Gear’s true sequel. This makes it a smartwatch with fitness add-ons, but Samsung just doesn’t want to say it.”

* How would you rate your physical fitness if you’re middle-aged? Apparently, the answer correlates to your likelihood of developing dementia later on. Better get out there and run some more miles!

* Are these the anti-Vibrams? Well, not exactly, but how do fat-soled running shoes with minimal foot drop sound? The proponents say that they do a better job of protecting middle-aged knees than true minimalist shoes do.

* I thought New York was supposed to be a runner-friendly place, but sheesh, first there’s a story about a celebrity author/speaker getting cited for running “too early” in Central Park, and then there’s this story about a guy who got arrested for running on a New York highway. Okay, he was naked. (Of course, here in Portland, we seem to be more tolerant of public nakedness….)

* Parkour is gaining popularity as a fitness trend. I do find myself fascinated by “American Ninja Warrior,” and parkour experts seem to do quite well on the show. But parkour also seems quite risky and dangerous. I think I’ll stick with running….

* Ten most annoying types of people at the gym. Well, it would be hard to be any of these if you’re running on the treadmill. Maybe the American Idol, I guess.

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