Product Review: Oiselle Randies – Running Underwear (Warning: May Contain TMI and has a Stock picture)

Oiselle Randies Underwear

Oiselle Randies Underwear

I always hear people say the most important running gear to spend money on (as a female) are your bra and shoes. I believe that all running gear is important, but to me there are four important pieces and not just two;  my shoes, socks, bra and my running underwear. Previously I have been running with Victoria Secret’s Seamless thong, and they have worked great with added Vaseline. I really enjoy trying new products, especially gear that promises to ‘run and sweat and wick like nobody’s business,’ So I received the Oiselle Randies underwear pack of three to review.

A view of one of Oiselle's Randies Underwear

A view of one of Oiselle’s Randies Underwear

First off, Oiselle Randies underwear have the cutest name! Every time I thought of them I couldn’t help but smile. A Randie is a beautiful, intelligent girl with an open heart and mind. Normally seen as sarcastic, unique, rare, and extremely lovable and a lady to be cherished. Of course, the name fit perfectly, as I sure the wearer too!  They are made of 100% technical and anti-microbial material that wicks away moisture where it is needed most in an area that produces moisture! I for one am one of the ladies that …err..sparkles a lot in that area if you know what I mean (reference just in case – I don’t sweat I sparkle)  The fabric was super soft and as a size 10/12, the large fit perfectly. They are a bit pricey, $48 for three, but my Vickies underwear is $12-15 so not an issue just being a few dollars more.  They are seamless, which is necessary for any of the running underwear I use. Add to that, they come is some fun bright colors with fun ‘cheeky’ sayings across your bottom.

I ran in these three underwear for about a month and a half period, with distances ranging for short two milers to a couple of half marathons distances. I tried them with and without Vaseline and found I did not have chafing on either. I wore them and forgot about them for the most part, except for the occasional bathroom break. You want running gear that flows with you, and I felt these did. No pressure points or tightness after my body swelled from the long distances either. One possible drawback, he reason I started wearing thongs, there could be panty lines. Mine were visable when I wore my compression pants or shorts. However, they were not visable with my Sparkle Skirts or shorts.


  • 100% technical performer undies that wick away moisture
  • The material is made of a poly, nylon, spandex blend that are very comfortable
  • No Vaseline and still no chafing for me
  • Fun sayings on the bottom that make you smile knowing you have a little message for yourself or someone else that they cannot see ( “run your butt off”,  “get your rear in gear”, and  “lead from behind”)
  • Bright Fun colors in addition to the sayings
Oiselle's Randies Underwear out of the package

Oiselle’s Randies Underwear out of the package


  • Only Sizes Small to Large, so women extra small or above a size 10/12 do not have this as an option.
  • Spendier side at $48 for three, but to me this was not an issues same price I pay for my underwear anyways.
  • Panty lines could be visable dependingon the bottom clothing (see pic)

Oiselle Randies underwear does not come in thong style (yet! I need to make a recommendation) and although I am a thong girl, I found myself reaching for these after I finished the needed runs to review, and I feel that speaks volumes. I would recommend them to anyone that asks, and in fact, I did just that when a fellow Princess Half Marathoner asked about preferred running underwear!

In the end (pun ended) I really enjoyed them! This product makes you smile and yet is still functional for your everyday running.

updated: Panty lines. I never saw them from behind and noone ever said anything. Hubby did say ifyou looked for them, they were there. Here is me in my compression pants.

A shot of  Oiselle Randies  under compression pants. Slight panty lines visable.

A shot of Oiselle Randies under compression pants. Slight panty lines visable.

A shot of  Oiselle Randies  under compression pants. Slight panty lines visable.

A shot of Oiselle Randies under compression pants. Slight panty lines visable.

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