Product Review: ENERGYbits – My Taste Test


ENERGYbits claim to add more life to yours, one bit at a time.  According to their website, their algae tablets have the highest concentration of protein in the world, provide over 40 nutrients and are only one calorie per tablet. Made of spurlina algae, these little tablets claim to be easy protein on the go, a quick boost of energy or a convenient way to get more greens. I don’t know anyone who has used them long enough to make a noticeable difference, but their website notes that the United Nations, NASA and Olympic athletes have noted that Spirulina is a superfood, going so far as to say it’s the most nutritious food on the planet.I received a small sample of ENERGYbits to test and was anxious to give them a try. A super cute tin holds 2 servings, and is much easier to pack around than real food. The first shocker was the serving size. I read the brochure about twenty times, thinking it was a mistake. No mistake, the suggested serving is between 20-30 tablets. They aren’t big, maybe the size of an Advil, but for a girl that has a hard time choking down a vitamin, I was a little worried taking the suggested serving.


A look inside the ENERGYbits tin.

The second shocker, was the smell, they reminded me of fish food. Being that they are made from compressed algae, it makes sense. Still I wasn’t sure I wanted to put all of those in my system at once.  I decided to take a couple here and there and see if I noticed anything. Not really.

I finally decided that I just needed to give the full dose a try. I had a busy day of cycle and weight lifting classes and decided it would be a perfect day for a little pep. I was too nervous to try these for a long run starting off and figured a busy day of group exercise classes would be a good start. I sat down with my water bottle and 25 of the little green tablets and swallowed them, one at a time, so nervous I’d be burping algae taste all day.

A pleasant surprise, they didn’t make me burp at all, algae or not, and my stomach handled them just fine. There was no need to be nervous gulping down almost a full tin of these, they went down easy. Only trying it a couple of times, it’s hard to know if my energy was related to the actual tablets or a placebo effect, but either way I’d try them again. I really have nothing to lose and I’m always looking for convenient ways to get more protein. Their website made me smile, noting it was easier to pack these in your purse instead of a salad and big steak.

I’m not a supplement sort of person, but giving these a test piqued my curiosity. These aren’t supplements since algae is a real food. I’ll definitely try more in the future, since I know I don’t get enough green stuff or protein in my diet. These are on the expensive side, a bag of 1,000 costs $115. Considering these are portable fuel and nutrition, in a convenient tablet the price isn’t that bad. While I think I would need more sampling to fully form my complete thoughts on ENERGYbits, testing them out answered some things for me. They didn’t upset my stomach or have any side effects, which is huge for my sensitive stomach. While I didn’t feel any giant burst of speed or energy initially, I’m curious about spirulina and it’s benefits.

If you are looking for an all-natural energy boost, particularly one that is high in protein, you might want to give ENERGYbits a try. I’d love to hear how they work for my running friends.

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