Product Review: Pro Compression Socks (Function, fitness, and fashion in one cute pair of socks)

PRO Compression Logo

PRO Compression Logo

I love compression socks, especially colorful ones and ones designed for holidays. I wear them for almost all my runs and to help prevent injuries and swelling, as well as during airplane rides. I ave only found a couple that work on my Calves and one of those is PRO Compression! Once I started wearing them, I noticed a complete reduction in issues and a faster recovery time.

So what are Compression socks and why the hype?

PRO Compression  benefits

PRO Compression benefits

PRO Compression  socks are designed specifically to deliver both maximum comfort and speedy recovery times. The science is complex, but benefits such as improved blood flow, stability and comfort are universally understood. The moment you put these socks on your feet and incorporate them into your game, you will feel and understand the difference.”

The PRO Compression  I ordered

The PRO Compression I ordered

When you hear a lot of runners swear by them, I am one. But most do not fit over my large calves.  Compression is great, cutting off your circulation and your feet go numb, not so much. I also am a big proponent of wearing them during runs and after, where some just wear afterwards. Maybe it’s mental, but I enjoy the look, the feel, and how easily my legs recover afterwards.  One example is I received a new pair of Skora shoes. These are minimalist running shoes and I had NEVER run in this type of shoe before. My style of shoes always defaulted to neutral support.  I made the mistake of not wearing the new PRO Compression   socks on a 4 miles run with Skoras,  and it took 6 days for my calves to recover enough to run again .  The next run, I wore these socks, and although my calves hurt the next couple of days, I was running again two days later. That to me speaks volumes about this product!

 I have found that with 20+ runs, these socks do better for me on longer runs and recovery for them. I was wearing some regular socks and I seemed to have a few minor shin splint issues. When I started wearing these socks those issues were minimized and eventually went away. The increased blood flow seemed to help the lactic acids built up from the run flush out faster. I know as an older runner I a supposed to embrace discomfort, but I really appreciated the fact that these help me have less of it.

PRO Compression  in action one

PRO Compression in action one

The quality is amazing as well. They also have lasted surprisingly well in retaining the color of the sock with little fade* (I do use Color Catchers in my washer though).  They are made from nylon and poly materials, so they breath well and are resistant to smells. My still don’t smell after all those runs.  I received the one pair from PRO Compression and bought another pair!  I had a hard time choosing from all their styles before, and now they are adding even more cute styles to include holiday ones for Christmas and Valentines. Function, fitness, and fashion? I am in! 

If you want to try them out- PRO Compression has offered a discount for you.  Use Code : ROC for free shipping and 40% off Marathon Socks, Calf Sleeves and Arm Sleeves.

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Here is a pic of me in them for my Elsa Frozen costume. They match perfectly!   Also hey sill lok great several runs later.

Here is a pic of me in them for my Elsa Frozen costume. They match perfectly! Also hey sill lok great several runs later.