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Running Roundup – A collection of running links around the internet

mt hood * As you probably know, running at altitude is harder than running at sea level. That's why many elite runners either live there or go train there, because the fitness gains translate to that much better performance back at sea level (at least, until they reacclimate). Why, then, do cyclists actually perform better at altitude? Don't they have the same oxygen-acquisition issues that runners have? In fact, they do, but that's more than compensated for by the decrease in air resistance, which impacts cyclists much more than it does runners.

* “Six fitness myths — busted.” These might not be surprises, but #2 (running is not bad for your knees) may be of particular relevance to Run Oregon readers.

* As far as heart attack risk goes, is it better to be skinny and out-of-shape or not-so-skinny and in shape? It may not be fair, but a study of Swedish men suggests that being skinny and out-of-shape still results in a lower heart attack risk than being not-so-skinny and in shape.

* Here’s a sad story about a very good runner who’s discovered that she’s allergic not only to wheat, peanuts, eggs, and shrimp, but other unknown foods . . . and as testing continues, she has to give up coffee for a week! (I’m not a coffee drinker, but I can imagine it’s hard to give up.) All this to eliminate whatever is inflaming her system so she can get back to her usual running.

* “Feeling down after a big race? It’s normal.” Um, yeah, there’s a solution to that: check out Run Oregon’s race calendar and sign up for your next race!

* If you could take a pill that provided the health benefits of exercising, would you pop the pill and abandon running? Maybe not . . . .

* Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek’s book, Eat and Run, is available for only $2.99 right now as a Kindle ebook at!

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