Kickstarter of the Week: The Wool Runners

wool-runner-shoes-kickstarter-2Name: The Wool Runners
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Link: Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date: 2/27/14
Current Pledge: $64,466 of $30,000 (will be funded!)

Minimalist shoes are all the rage. There is some debate about the benefits and detractors from this style, but this much is clear – you are sure to see plenty of runners toeing the start line in their minimalist shoes this year.

Our Kickstarter of the Week is a shoes with a very unique take on this shoe trend. The Wool Runners, designed by company 3over7 are made from mid-micron sheep’s wool from New Zealand sheep’s wool and is made by combining wool and melt-bond fibers, along with multifilament yarn. The end result is a special fabric with its own patent pending that is strong enough to construct the entire upper part of the shoe.

wool-runner-shoes-kickstarterThe shoes are designed to be for sockless runners – effectively drawing a link between the Vibram and actual shoe minimalist style. The wool is said to control odor, repel water, regulate temperature, wick away moisture, and resists stains and dirt.

The price for these shoes are only $98 – in line with the same pricing that a pair of running shoes costs. And their sizing information states that they have sized in-line with the Nike Free. So if you know that size it is guaranteed to fit. If you don’t, you can go into pretty much any running shoe store and get sized to know.

The style looks pretty casual in nature, almost as if I could wear it when not running. I would also love to have a pair to see just how soft and true this lives up to the billing. A lot of people have faith, as there is still a lot of time left to pledge, and they have already met their goal!

The Wool Runners Kickstarter Video

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