Kickstarter of the Week: MyFitDog – The Best Fit Friend

my-fit-dog-logoDaisy is our Golden Retriever. While it seems that her first loves are cuddling and shedding, she loves being outdoors. She is a great camping pup and even packs her own gear! She also loves getting out there and hitting the streets and trails with us at times.

my-fit-dog-collarWhile I am a sucker for tracking my own workouts (friend me on Nike+), this new Kickstarter campain plays right into my wheel house.The Best Fit Friend is:

“a pair of small, lightweight and extremely durable activity monitors: one worn on your dog’s collar, the other worn by you. Both devices utilize a three dimensional accelerometer, low-energy Bluetooth technology, and your mobile phone or tablet to track the amount and intensity of your movement—i.e. exercise. The activity data is stored on the devices until it is wirelessly transferred to your MyFitDog App where you can compare data, set goals, and interact with other Best Fit Friend owners down the block or around the world.”

my-fit-dog-trackerSo not only are you able to track your own activity level, your pup’s activity will be monitored with yours. And let’s be real, some dogs need a little more help than others. They will thank you and love you for wanting to get out there with them!

The company is seeking funds to get it developed and up and running. Your pledge can net you the product for $99, and you can even purchase an additional pair for only $49 (after an initial $99 pledge). Smaller pledges are $19 and include MyFitDog mens and women’s shirts. The men’s shirt made me chuckle (“Does your dog even lift, bro?”).

Check out the Kickstarter for more pictures and shots of their iPhone app.

Name: My Fit Dog – Best Fit Friend
Location: Chicago, IL
Kickstarter End Date: 2/7/2014
Current Pledge: $2,887 of $30,000

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