Revitalizing Your Run: Unleashing the Power of Seattle Gummy Company

I haven’t been much of a supplement taker throughout my life, but as I approach my 40s, I’ve started to notice the subtle signs of aging. It’s got me thinking that maybe it’s time to explore some options to support my overall health. Seattle Gummy Company, who will be at the 2023 TRE, is founded with a commitment to innovative health solutions.

Seattle Gummy Company includes a range of high-quality supplements designed to address various wellness needs.

Pack Options

  • Mocca Variety PackThis pack includes a variety of Mocca Shots, high-energy gummies infused with caffeine and other natural ingredients for a sustained energy boost.
  • Night & Day PackThis pack combines Mocca Shots for daytime energy with Slumber Shots, which are designed to promote better sleep and relaxation at night.
  • Energon Qube Pack – Tailored for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, this pack includes Power Up, Hyrdafuel, and Recovery, providing energy and essential nutrients to support an active lifestyle.
  • Wellness Variety Pack – This pack offers a comprehensive approach to overall wellness, featuring Immunity, ACV, and Slumber Shotsto support general health and vitality.
  • Sugar Free Pack – Ideal for those conscious of sugar intake, this pack includes Mocca Shots, ACV, and Slumber Shot gummies in a sugar-free formulation.
  • SGC 12 Variety Pack – This pack offers a wide range of Seattle Gummy Company’s products, providing a comprehensive approach to energy, sleep, and overall wellness.

Each of these packs is carefully curated to address specific health and wellness needs, making it easier for individuals to incorporate high-quality supplements into their daily routines.

My Take:

As mentioned, I am not the world’s best authority on supplements. I will say this though these seem to work.

I was a little worried to try the Mocca Shots. Obviously, I expected a caffeine boost, but was pleasantly surprised to find it actually gave me a nice prep for my workouts. When I wasn’t feeling motivated, a couple of these did the trick. Even at 4 PM, they didn’t interfere with my sleep, which is a win compared to regular coffee. Honestly, a workout-ready edge without the jitters.

Surprisingly, the flavors were more subtle than expected – not the bold, fruity, or chocolatey notes I anticipate. The flavor profiles were pleasantly understated, a departure from what I imagined. Overall, a positive experience.

Obviously, these are more that the same take a random supplement – there’s some thought behind it. Here is the complete Seattle Gummy regimen for a runner.

  1. Take 2-4 Power-Up Gummies 1 hour before your run.
  2. 15 minutes before your run, take 1-2 Mocca Shots.
  3. 1 hour into your run, take 2-4 Recover gummies.
  4. If you are going long distances, take 1-2 Mocca Shots 2 hours into your run and then others ongoing every hour or so.
  5. Take Recover gummies as you need 30 minutes to 1 hour after your run.
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