Technical on the Trails: Reviewing the HOKA Tecton X 2

The HOKA Tecton X 2 is a highly anticipated update to its popular predecessor, the Tecton X, and it certainly lives up to the expectations. This trail running shoe offers an impressive blend of comfort, durability, and performance.

Boasting a new Matryx upper and its familiar parallel carbon fiber plates, the Tecton X 2 is a game-changer for avid trail runners and racers. As someone who has personally enjoyed carbon fiber technology in road-racing shoes, I was very excited to finally see how it would feel in a trail shoe, particularly in a trail race setting.

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In terms of aesthetics, the Tecton X 2 showcases a bright and fresh design. It’s currently available in two color combinations: Cherries Jubilee/Flame – An orange-ish red with splashes of turquoise and pink laces & Ceramic/Evening Primrose – Turquoise and blue with splashes of neon yellow. HOKA has never strayed away from its bright color schemes, and the fun, in-your-face colorways of the Tecton X 2 are sure to turn heads.

Fit & Construction:


As someone with narrow feet, the Tecton X 2 does have a roomier feel than I’m used to through the mid-foot and toe box. However, the cushioning throughout the shoes, particularly in the collar, gave my feet and heels a more locked-in feel. The Tecton X 2 features a a new mesh Matryx upper, a lightweight material that is incredibly durable and provides excellent support for the feet. This material is also breathable, allowing air to circulate around the feet and keep them cool.


One of the standout features of the Tecton X 2 is the Profly-X constructed mid-sole. This technology combines two layers of cushioning foam to create a responsive and comfortable midsole. The softer top layer provides a cushioned landing, while the firmer bottom layer provides a responsive toe-off. This technology helps to reduce the impact of each stride, allowing runners to go further and faster with less fatigue.

The Profly-X combined with its parallel carbon fiber plates give the shoe a propulsive yet responsive feel. After a recent trail race in the Tillamook Forest, which included a hefty 3,800 feet of elevation, my legs and feet felt great. I know a big concern with carbon plates in a trail shoe is stability, but this never seemed to be an issue even on some of the more technical portions of the trail. During the smoother trail portions, the Tecton X 2’s felt incredibly smooth and fast, and it was an absolute blast just bombing down the trails.


Underfoot, the Vibram Megragrip of the Tecton X 2, also seen on the original version, offers impressive traction and durability. With its multidirectional 4 mm lugs, the shoe maintains a firm and reliable grip, allowing you to tackle challenging terrains with confidence.

The outsole is made from a durable rubber compound, which should ensure a long-lasting performance without sacrificing flexibility. While I haven’t had a chance to test the longevity of the shoes yet, HOKA is a standout in the ultramarathon world thanks in part to their overall durability and reliability.


The HOKA Tecton X 2 is an outstanding trail running shoe that excels in fit and construction. I’ve been able to take the shoes out on a few longer runs, including a trail race and have been extremely satisfied with their performance so far. With a sticker price of $225, these brightly colored shoes may not have that typical luxe look, but they absolutely have that premium feel.

And for those who were already avid fans of the original Tecton X’s, HOKA’s updates have only further refined the features that make this shoe a standout ultra race shoe option.


  • Weight: 8.8 oz (Mens 9)
  • Drop: 5 mm


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