Yune Yoga – Assisting in making 2023 the Year of (Better) Flexibility

We recently received some gear from Yune Yoga, a company that specializes in some of the core tenets of yoga accessories – mats, towels, and straps.

Yoga is one of those fitness activities that I know I need to do more of. Off and on over the years, I have done it at home, at studios, and at Yoga + Beer gatherings. I always feel much better when I am consistently doing yoga, yet somehow, I always end up going through periods of neglect.

Some of this up and down yoga experience is motivation and truly committing to adding it to my fitness regimen. I also think that that having the right equipment can be a huge component to consistency as well. Yoga is kind of like running in that sense – at their cores there are really minimal equipment necessary to do the actions. Technically, a pair of ratty old gym shoes can make you a runner – just like any beach towel or dollar store rubber rectangle can lead you on a yoga journey.

But, much like investing in better running shoes, gear, and accessories can enhance your running experience, I think the same can probably be said about yoga equipment. If you feel comfortable and connected, you are probably more likely to stick with it. I have been doing yoga on a yoga mat that flakes off rubber shavings with every session and it honestly makes me less excited to continue consistently. Look, I am not here to say that you need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on any running or fitness gear, but I know I personally feel better committed and on board when I’m feeling good about my situation.

Right off the bat, Yune Yoga has a ton of great designs to match your own personality. There are some flashy options, as well as more subdued ones. Personally, as an Oregonian, I love the partnership with Pendleton and their recognizably wonderful patterns.

I don’t know a ton about yoga gear, but all of these items appear super well-constructed. The mat has a little bit of “heft“ to it (event though it weighs just 2.5 pounds) and has a soft, ridged top and a firmer, stickier bottom. I am not sure if the perceived weight “increase” (I mean, its less than 3 lbs) is standard in well-built mats, but I know its a tad heavier than my current cheap one – and this difference is positively noticeable. Whereas my previous version usually starts to see signs of wear within a month or two of consistent use, you can hardly tell any change in this one after a month and a half of pretty consistent use. I anticipate it to last well into the future.

The same can be said of the towel and the straps. As the pandemic has sorta “ended“, I have started to get back a little bit more into hot yoga at a local studio. This is when I find a yoga towel most  handy. There is a little worse in a hot yoga class then profusely dripping sweat onto a slippery yoga mat. It can be done, but a yoga towel makes those 90+ degrees sessions at least a little physically more comfortable. I have been placing cotton towels over my mat, but the Yune Yoga Towel takes it up a notch. There is actually slip-resistant silicon on the bottom that is truly non-stick. It’s amazing! I have also  just recently started to use yoga straps to assist (because my flexibility is CRAP) and it’s one of those items you didn’t know you needed it, but now can’t imaging not having it.

I am really going to make a solid effort to have 2023 be the year consistently adding yoga to my repertoire and Yune Yoga is helping me with that. If you are a yogi, or a runner looking to do the same, check them out.

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Thank you to Yune Yoga for providing us with test items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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