A Running Dog Harness the Won’t Break the Bank

When I think of Nathan, my mind usually veers into the hydration or packs realm. We have reviewed quite a variety of Nathan gear over the years and have pretty much enjoyed most things we have received. We only recently discovered that they actually have dog gear as well, and it was perfect time to try out the K9 Series Dog Harness on my running-buddy-to-be (fingers crossed).

We mentioned in a previous post that during the beginning stages of the pandemic, we decided that it was time to get a “COVID puppy“. Winston is not the running enthusiast I hoped her would be, but we are getting a little better since we have transitioned him to a harness as opposed to just a neck leash. He is less of a chaotic puller and the K9 Series Dog Harness seems to have him comfortable and actually less of a spaz when we are on the pavement and trails.

First off, this harness is super affordable and an absolute steal. Right now, it is on sale for $31.50 (!) whereas we have found most other similar harness options at least double that. Even at that price point, you are getting a lot of tech that is reminiscent of a human vest from Nathan. It is reflective and made from material that is breathable on the chest and back.

Winston, who has historically been a psycho puller – especially when walking with our kids – is SOOOO much better in this harness. There are two attachment points – a standard one on the top back of the harness and a second on the chest. I have seen other harnesses with this secondary location and it is said to keep your buddy from pulling and encourage side-by-side running. We haven’t really even ventured into this territory yet, as the top location has made such a significant different, it just seems like the other one isn’t needed yet.

We do have a couple things about this harness we would highlight as a “pre-concern”. First, the ring for the leash is made from plastic. We haven’t had issues with it (yet), but we wonder about the longer-term ramifications of this being plastic – especially with a 70 pound pupper on the other end. Time will tell, but a more metallic construction may be better for the future. Additionally, there tends to be some bunching around the loops on the top of the back.. He has appeared comfortable it it however, and any checks for chafing or rubbing have showcased nothing – so I think it’s working well enough.

Though a golden retriever is never going to be a breed that runs with me for a ton of miles, I can actually run in short bursts with him now without it turning into a disaster. Previously, we couldn’t go more than a few feet without him lovingly charging into my legs or thinking it’s a game. This harness has assisted in altering all that.

Much like humans, and our different make up and personalities when it comes to running gear, your results may vary. But the K9 Series Dog Harness is an affordable option that gets the job done.


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Thank you to Nathan for providing us with this test harness. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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