The Weekend Has Arrived and Chubbies is Here for Your Running Plans

If you are anything like me, my midweek, long outdoor runs that were increased during the heart of the Pandemic have slowly trickled back more into reality. That means that, while I continue to work from from home, my days are busier and the best times from my runs are, once again, reserved for the weekends.

We have known about Chubbies in other forums before (some friends swear by their lined pants and swimwear, but they do have a few items that fit nicely for us weekend runners. We recently tried some shorts and tee from the Sport category of this company – and were pleasantly surprised.


Chubbies’ Perforated Ultimate Training Shorts and Ultimate Tees come in four and three colors respectively- each one named different by color.

The Dog Days Shorts are their mint green option, but they also have three other color options (blue and two black options with different liner designs). Personally, I think this color scheme is the coolest option of the bunch and look nice with a split on the side and geometric black/grey design on the liner that sits just a little longer than the outer.

The Blaze is a navy blue color scheme that is sandwiched between the more flamboyant green and basic grey. Each one of these tops looks like it could double as a fitness/running option, as well as something that can be worn out and about.

Fit & Function:

The Dog Days Shorts actually fit quite well considering that Chubbies isn’t a running company. These shorts fit nice on the waist (and the embedded liner is Chubbies’ bread and butter) and secure well. They do feel a little heavier and bulkier than true running shorts and I’d probably use them more in a cross training or short run than as a run training option..

The mesh has supposedly been revamped to provide both breathability and be lighter, and I have found that these are a nice cross-training or short-run option as opposed to something I would wear in a race to cut time. Not every short can (or should) be a race option – so this isn’t really a negative. The Dog Days Shorts also have 4 pockets (2 on the sides, 1 on the back, and one on the right leg liner) – keeping it near the top in storage capabilities for fitness shorts.

The Blaze provides a little more roominess to it than I expected. There is enough give to not feel compressed in. But really, I can’t get over how lightweight and buttery soft this top is. It’s ridiculously comfortable in all settings and has seen a surprising amount of run opportunities over the past few weeks. We really love this top and plan on investing in a few others to adorn both our running and day-to-day closets.


For a company that isn’t really truly a “running” company, both of these items hold up admirably in this sphere. Both items we tried have held up well to our training and had us feeling and looking good in the process. Recommended!


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Thank you to Chubbies for providing us with test items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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