Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Roving Around in Pearl Izumi’s Rove Shorts

If you are a a cyclist in addition to being a running, you are probably familiar with Pearl Izumi. They actually historically had their foot more firmly entrenched in the running sphere in the past – but within the past few years have shifted more away from this and into the two-wheeled lane. We actually still have a few pieces in our rotation from an old running apparel Pursuit line-up from quite a few years ago. As I myself have transitioned into the cycling lane a bit more since the pandemic, it was great to reconnect and see what Pearl Izumi has in the works.

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We are coming up on warmer temperatures here, and thus its soon to be shorts weather. To be fair, most of us PNW’ers start venturing towards shorter options as soon as the temps hit 65.

Not too long ago, we reviewed a shirt sharing a similar titular descriptor as these shorts. The growing number of items with this name fall under their “BikeStyle” collection. Think of it as active athleisure for cyclists – basically items that can double as a solid option on and off the bike.

Rove Short

Pulling these out of the package I actually had to do some research on them. Honestly they look like nice, casual shorts – but I wasn’t sure that they were actually made for the bike. They just looked that nice. Come to find out there is a lot to these shorts when using on the saddle.

The organic cotton/nylon blend may look casual, but there is a lot of mobility and give in them – making pedaling no issues at all. They are also treated with water-resistant qualities to handle those Oregon days when you leave your house in the sun only to end up in an afternoon shower.

Beyond the visuals and construction on the top, there is also work done on the…undercarriage as well. Riding a bike in standard shorts can be less than comfortable, but the seams are moved a little bit on these, making it so that they hold up underneath as well as any pair of shorts can hope to be. Add in some cool visibility-adding components on the underside of the knees, as well as in the back left pocket (simply fold to bring them to “light”), make for a nice touch.

There is no need for a belt, which has no place on a bike. But before you worry about a lack of security, the back of the shorts sit a little higher to avoid the dreaded cycling ass-crack, as well as have an adjustable nylon belt to keep you secure. The fit is definitely longer than most pairs I have (12.5″), but this length seems to be a relatively ideal length for pedaling (unless you are a “skies out, thighs out” sort of guy).

Overall, we are thrilled to be back connected with Pearl Izumi and can’t wait to see what they continue to have in store for us outdoor enthusiasts who tackle the trails on foot and wheels.

Pearl Izumi

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Products & Price:
  • Rove Shorts | $68
    • 70% organic cotton, 27% nylon, 3% elastane

Thank you to Pearl Izumi for providing us with test shorts. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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