Grace and Grit on the Trails with the Jackal from La Sportiva

When I was preparing for my first major trail race, I was informed it was essential to get good trail shoes. After a few years running in various road shoes across diverse terrain, I didn’t get what the big deal was about these supposedly super important “trail shoes.” The wiser runner told me that the right trail shoes would have me running up and down mountains like a billy goat.

With my new Jackal Women’s shoes from La Sportiva, I think I finally found my billy goat experience. These shoes were a great fit from first putting them on. They felt more like solid gloves than shoes. The solid construction had the shoes feeling like a complete package rather than parts sewn together, which mean less spots to rub and blister. The tongue was a bit stiff during the first few miles on that initial run, but improved with time (and I’m sure will continue to get better). The coverage also had me well-prepared for the spring rains to come down or the puddles of various size that could be right around the corner.


Style should never be the reason that you select a pair of running shoes (otherwise my Barbie pink road shoes would have NEVER happened). But getting to lace up something that looks good is a lovely bonus. The pair provided by La Sportiva was Opal/Pacific Blue and just as lovely after four miles on the trail as they were when I pulled them from the box. The dark blue color masked the dirt and grime, plus the durable fabric kept my feet safe. Getting them cleaned off after a muddy run was super easy and they dried quickly for future use.

There is just one thing left for me and these great new shoes: to enjoy the original Jackal by one C.J. Cregg of The West Wing.

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Products & Price:
  • Jackal ($140) – Available in Carbon/Topaz or Arctic/White
    • WEIGHT: 8.8oz / 250g
    • DROP: 7mm
    • STACK: Heel: 29mm / Toe: 22mm


Thank you to La Sportiva for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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