Strava Segments of the Week: Baskett Slough

Located in the Willamette Valley, Baskett Slough is a hidden gem many people don’t know exactly how to get to! It may not be allowable for runners, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a rest day and get some simple hiking trail miles in complete with great views of Wine Country.

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This National Wildlife Refuge is just ten miles west of Salem off Highway 22 and is viewable just off this main road via a viewing platform. You may have passed by it without even knowing that there is a navigable hill with some tucked away trails along the way. We recommend parking in the lot that will lead you right out to the trails, but there are a few other options as well for your starting point.

As you venture into the trail area, we will repeat that it is not made for runners. It’s is a wonderful area for walking, bird watching, hiking and very family-friendly. You can walk straight up the Rich Guadagno Trail (stay to the left) to quickly “summit” Mount Baldy in the span of .33 mile. The Observation Platform is a great view and you can capture some great photos up top.

If you take the trail to the right instead, there are a few additional options. The second left will have you climbing and circling through a wooded area that is about a mile in length.

Or you can continue past this fork and head deeper into the Refuge for a longer option. While the short hike to the summit can sometimes get busy-ish with families, this longer backcountry option is generally always a quiet jaunt. Check out the trails on Google Maps for a general idea of this area.

Hope you find this area as enjoyable as we have. Afterwards, head on over to Van Duzer to relax with a glass of great wine. The Van Duzer Winds are real, making this cool down location ideal for those warm days!

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