Kick off the 2022 Run Big Trail Series with the Bristow Trail Runs (Dexter)

The Big Run Trail Series will kick off their season with the Bristow Trail Runs on Saturday, February 5th.  This first event in the trail series will start at the Elijah Bristow State Park in Dexter, Oregon.  The 50k will begin at 8am and the 25k, 10 mile and 5 mile races will all start staggered every 15 minutes beginning at 9pm. You can register online or at the Run Hub NW (515 High St.) through Friday, February 5th at noon.

Taking place on a 5.2 mile single track trail, the 50k runners will run the loop six times, the 25k will run it three times, the 10 mile will run it twice (technically 10.4 miles), and the 5 mile race will run it once (technically 5.2 miles).

The trail is mostly wooded and entirely flat, running next to the beautiful Willamette River.  There will be several streams to cross that are no more than a foot deep and there is less than 10 feet of elevation change from start to finish. Here is a snippet from our 2021 experience:

I am a road runner so even a flat trail run is challenging for me. Adding in slop had me working hard for my finish!  I ran the 10 miler, which was actually a little over as each loop was 5.2 miles. The loop itself was well marked with arrow signs and staffed with volunteers so I knew what direction to turn each time I came to turn. There was a “hydration station” on the course, but wasn’t as easy to access as we are expected to, as they were in small water bottles due to the COVID mandates. However, it was nice to still have access to the water I needed out there as I didn’t carry any myself.

I loved this race. Even though it was a little bit off the beaten path, a little bit of a challenge with the mud, it still had great organization and was a blast! I would do this race again next year and highly recommend you check it out!

Registration fees are as follows:

  • 50k
    • $55
  • 25k
    • $40
  • 10 mile
    • $35
  • 5 mile
    • $30

Anyone 17 or under AND adults over 60 get to deduct $5 from their registration fee. Technical shirts can be purchased for an additional $14. Day of Race registration (add $5) is available during packet pick up on beginning at 745am. Check out the all the event details here.

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