Quality Straight from the Source – A review of Quince and their Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Shorts


It can be expensive to be even a relatively stylish runner nowadays. In addition to the amount that we invest in our running apparel and shoes, there is often a whole other need of filling a casual/lifestyle closet as well. There are a ton of great companies out there who make supremely high-quality, and subsequently often high-cost, apparel. We aren’t knocking that, because I personally swear by a few of these. But I also understand that my bank account can’t always match my eyes and their desire. That is why, when we came across Quince, it seemed like a Company we couldn’t help but mention.

Simply put, Quince cuts out all the middlemen and instead takes care of everything – factory to doorstep – in an effort to keep costs low. I recommend reading here for more specific details on this:

We started Quince to challenge the existing idea that nice things should cost a lot. Our mission was simple: create an item of equal or greater quality than the leading luxury brands at a much lower price. We believe in everyday products that you’ll look great in. Products made from high quality, sustainable materials and real workmanship. Products that last wear after wear. We revised every part of a traditional retailer’s playbook. We cut out all the middlemen and managed every element of the item’s creation ourselves, including packaging and transportation. Incredibly high quality, made in a sustainable way and sold at radically lower prices. We hope you’ll compare our products with any premium branded ones, and see why our customers rate Quince so highly.

What you end up with is a product line of essential wear, that is stylistically subdued, yet focused on quality and at a price point that is often significantly less than more well-known competitors. I mean, it’s not often you can get a Down Puffer Jacket – perfect for Pacific Northwest weather -for $50 and free shipping.

While Quince has items spanning the apparel landscape, they do have an activewear section as well. Within this line we recently reviewed the Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Short – which retails for less than $40.

These shorts first and foremost are about the most comfortable ones I currently have in my closet, and really close to the softest that I have ever worn. I was extremely impressed and amazed at the buttery soft nature of the material and loved them right from my first wear out of the mail. Like most shorts of this nature, there are two pockets on the side, and the right hip also has a secondary zipped pocket for more secure needs.


These shorts are definitely not made specifically for running, as the material and weight aren’t designed for that level of performance, but they could absolutely do in a pinch. I would, however, recommend them for strength training days, or in settings where you might be going from physical activity right into a casual setting. For example, these may be great to take on a hiking trip, where are you can wear comfortably both around the campfire and to bed, as well as utilize on a short hike or trail run. Or maybe even simpler, wearing before your child’s Saturday soccer game for a short run, followed by cheering them on afterwards. It’s a really functional piece of apparel that can work in a variety of settings without looking out of place.

Standard shipping is free, which sounds simple enough. However, I’m sure we can all relate to finding a sweet item of clothing at a relatively affordable price, only to be bummed out when shipping costs add 25 -35% to the overall cost. With Quince, you know what you’re spending right there on the page.

Obviously, this is a long post about a relatively simple pair of shorts, but that just goes to show how impressed we have been. Premium apparel often comes hand-in-hand with premium prices, so it’s nice to see items with a tad more reasonable cost that aren’t going to fall apart in a month or two.

Company: Quince

Item Reviewed: Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Short ($39.40)

    • Material: 88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Spandex
    • Colors: Heather Navy and Heather Grey


Thank you to Quince for providing us with a test item. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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