Reflective Hats & Beanies from Nathan: Review

Nathan makes gear to keep your ears and noggin warm. There are headbands and hairbands (the hairbands are more narrow than the headbands and designed to just keep your hair off your face, but they can be used to cover the ears as well), and beanies with and without a ponytail slit. The hairband is $17.99, the headband is $19.99, and the beanies are $29.99.

The beanies are pretty deep, by which I mean they are not close-fitting over the entire skull. If you prefer a messy bun to a ponytail, I think even someone with really long hair would be able to fit a bun under this beanie. The hat itself doesn’t have a super tight band, so it’s really comfortable and doesn’t squish the tops of your ears.

Nathan Runner Cap

And if you prefer a baseball-cap style hat – great for not-so-cold Oregon rain – the design on Nathan’s running cap is both reflective and glow in the dark. The pattern is looks like the night sky, and is visible in light as well. It’s online for $24.99. What’s coolest about these caps is that they’ve got a hidden pocket where you can stash some cash or a key.

Wherever you run, stay safe out there!

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