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I’m sure it’s something we all realize when the warm weather hits – we need to stay protected from the sun. As runners, we are mostly hitting the streets and trails outside, and Oregon is about as beautiful a place in the country to do so. When my dad first was diagnosed with cancer 9 years ago, there was a small epiphany that I needed to be better about this. But, I was 26 at the time and though I had a child, I was still youthfully invincible. Now at 35, with my dad’s cancer recently returning, it has again hit home that I actually need to be serious about this. And I need to be serious about protecting myself OFF of the running trails as well. As a result, I am going to be highlighting some casual-wear items that assist in protecting us from the sun with Toad&Co.

For my entire life, I have been a shorts wearer. It wasn’t until high school that I think I really even owned a real pair of pants or jeans, and those basically disappeared during the laziness of my college years. But, in a modern 2019, simple shorts don’t really cut it in the style department anymore. At 35, I can’t pull of wearing basketball shorts in public and thick cargo shorts with endless bulky pockets aren’t really in style for a man of my age. Over the years, I have slowly built back my shorts to a respectable and age-appropriate level and the Rover Shorts fit right in that mix – with a little sun coverage (SPF 50+) to really knock these out of the park.

The Rover Shorts look like that well-policed pair of chinos or khaki’s but due to their multiple polyester yarns, it allows for much greater stretch and flexibility – meaning these can be used as a casual option at a summer party, or as a pair to wear out on the trail. There are a (normal amount of) pockets, including a zipped one inside the back right pocket for securing more important items.They three muted color options (beige, grey, and green tones) also look great and also super comfortable to boot. I’m a big fan of these.

The same story about my short-wearing younger years also holds true for my polo-wearing days. I don’t like to admit it, but I once went through a “popped-collar” phase that, looking back, may be the biggest fashion faux-pas to ever grace the earth. As my real job has me needing to look a little more professional, my closets fill up more with more long-sleeved shirts than short-sleeved options. However, I think having cooler options for summer options or as “casual Friday” attire are necessary. And this shirt fits that bill.

The Midfield Hemp Polo comes in navy and brown and is constructed with 55% hemp, allowing for 40+ UPF. It’s a bit more loose on the torso – not my favorite fit, but I know it is for others. I have worn this a few times and I have hopes that the collar won’t bacon too badly, though it appears a more worn-in look is the style. In fact, the whole shirt has a lived-in look right out of the bag. It is super comfortable and one of the most well put-together polo’s I have ever worn.

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