What Run Oregon is Wearing: Casual and Sustainable Summer Threads from Toad & Co

Tara Jumpsuit – $110
(Kelly’s thoughts)

There are some trends that I admire, but think I could never pull off. Capri pants was one, until I found a pair that actually fit my proportions. Now I love them. Jumpsuits are another – they look so cute, comfortable, and there’s no matching tops to bottoms required. And I love that I’ve seen them on women with so many body types – when Tracee Ellis Ross wore one in her role as Rainbow on Black-ish, I knew it was something I could pull off.

Toad & Co is a brand that I trust to fit my body, so I got the Tara sleeveless romper, made of Sunhemp Stretch, which ties at the shoulder and falls to a crop length. And then we had 2nd winter, and it hung in my closet for weeks before finally, a few weeks ago, we had “pre-summer” and I got to break it out. The material is a very soft blend of hemp and tencel with a little spandex thrown in, and looks like a dressy linen without the insta-wrinkle feature of linen. For someone who’s a little self-conscious of my stomach (thanks, kids), I felt confident in this jumpsuit and got a number of compliments on it!

The fabric did stretch out over the day, so I had to re-tie the shoulder knots after about 4 hours, but that was easily done. What’s nice about the little amount of stretch in the fabric and the elastic waistband is that you can just slip on shoulder off when you need to go to the bathroom, like a swimsuit, but much easier to get back on.

If you remember back a few weeks to that hot stretch, you know it wasn’t just mildly warm. It was HOT. And if you’ve been on a run or to barre class with me, you know I sweat like crazy (I’m efficient). This fabric dries incredibly quickly and remains soft to the touch, so if jumpsuits aren’t your style, there’s also an adorable romper with a wrap belt, a sleeveless dress, pants, and more in this sunhemp stretch.

Midfield Hemp Polo – $70 and Lounge-Out Hemp Shorts – $70
(Matt’s thoughts)

You’ve gotta love an easy-to-wear polo shirt. It can be dressed up or down, is easy to pair with jeans or shorts, and can be just thrown in the wash. Toad & Co’s hemp version of this wardrobe staple, the Midfield Hemp Polo, is everything you’d expect, with the bonus of being made of sustainable fibers (hemp and organic cotton) and meeting my wife’s approval.

It’s available in two colors (the “deep navy” is lighter than you might think, and “raisin” is more of a brown than the purple you’re probably picturing), and are great for the hottest days when you’re just trying to avoid looking like you’ve just run a 5k in your polo.

And now that it’s summer, I get to once again play the age-old game of “What shoes look least dumb with these shorts” that all dads play. (For the record, sandals, boat shoes, or slip-on loafers all work.) I went with the Lounge-Out Help Shorts which are long enough to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions but short enough that they’re definitely shorts and not man-pris. It doesn’t matter what color you get, all of them will match pretty much anything you’re pairing it with (my wife might disagree, but I’m sticking to my story).


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