Run Oregon is Kickin’ It in the HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 3

Shoes are always a personal decision, but especially on technical trails, one requirement is nearly universal: traction (or the official jargon I believe is “grippiness”). When running on steep terrain, a primary goal should always be not to slip and tumble to the bottom of the mountain. Mission accomplished and then some, thanks to the HOKA ONE ONE’s Speedgoat 3.

HOKA ONE ONE are known for their trail prowess, and the Speedgoat 3 delivers an attractive and well crafted shoe that is perfect for feeling stable on UNSTABLE terrain. Named after 100-mile extraordinaire Karl “The Speedgoat” Meltzer, the Speedgoat 3 is the latest iteration of a solid line of trail running shoes. Building off the already strong foundation of the Speedgoat 2 with the Vibram Megagrip 5mm lugs, wider midsole and toebox, the out-sole design of the 3 is more durable and there’s additional heel support. The newer version does weigh slightly more (an increase from 8.2 oz to 9.1 oz for a women’s size 7), but the additional support and traction make for an overall superior shoe.

HOKAs are an acquired taste, with their infamously chunky soles and bold colors. They may feel a bit much for everyday wear, but as soon as I hit the trail, I was grateful for the extra cushion, and the innovative design functions like a seatbelt for added support. Never for a moment did I worry about slipping. Even on wet, technical stretches, my footing felt solid and secure. As with any pair of new shoes, there’s a calibration period, but once I grew accustomed to the height and weight of the Speedgoat 3, I saw them as the assets they are. These shoes are made to grip the ground to maximize both speed and safety. As a result, I felt confident pushing the pace and exploring less well-manicured trails. I look forward to continuing to explore even the rockiest terrains in my Speedgoat 3s!

“Named for Karl Meltzer aka “The Speedgoat”, who holds the record for the most 100-mile trail race wins and epitomizes the “go everywhere, run everything” attitude, this shoe is designed to attack all kinds of technical trail. With that in mind, we’ve further improved the fit, stability and durability of the Speedgoat 3. The wider midsole and toe box of Speedgoat 2 were well received as were the more aggressive Vibram® MegagGrip lugs, which hold up to all kinds of rugged terrain. With the Speedgoat 3, we’ve added further heel support and midfoot lockdown in the upper as well as “seatbelt” support on each side. It’s a combo that creates a protective cradle, which we believe makes the Speedgoat 3 the fastest, toughest trail running shoe out there.”




Products & Price: Women’s Speedgoat 3 (also available for men), $140


  • Weight: 9.10 oz for women’s size 7, 10.3 for men’s size 10
  • Heel-toe drop: 4.00 mm for both women and men
  • Stability: Neutral
  • Cushion: Balanced
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